Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Changing Table

Well, it's not new, but it's "New" to us!

For most of it's lifetime, it served as a dry sink in Savannah, GA.

But, as Chris and I walked by it at the local Atlanta antique market, we decided it deserved a future in the baby's room... but this time as a changing table!

We're not crazy about the blue ceramic door knobs, but they match the shelving inside. We may change that soon...
It took about an hour with 2 lemons and some salt to shine up the copper, but it looks a lot better. The copper was almost as dark as the wood, but it's back to being a newish copper-color again.

The copper "sink" portion is about 30 inches long and 6 inches deep- which most "commercial" changing table pads will fit!
(The pictures make it look kind of small, but trust us, it's pretty long!)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Georgia Snow Day!

Snow doesn't come often to Georgia - so it was a TON of fun!

Here are some pictures of the house and the puppies enjoying the wet stuff.

(If you double click on the pictures, they will open up much bigger in the browser screen.)

The front of the house, about an hour into the snowfall...

We ended up getting about 4-5 inches total,
but by that time, I was inside by the fire

Flying Karate Dogs...

Nomar couldn't decide what was more fun - rolling in it or trying to eat it.

Needless to say, we ALL enjoyed a hot bath after we came back in the house.
The mutts were a mess!

"We're not really sure what to think of all that white stuff. Do we bark at it?"

The backyard was covered -- and I hope my new rose bushes survived!