Thursday, March 31, 2011


Goodbye, family of 3. Hello, party of 4!  

Yup, you read that right.  We're having a baby!  Our next little peach is scheduled to make his/her appearance on 11/11/11!  According to the projected time line of events, Evie will be 25 months older than her brother or sister.  

Think Baby #2 will come on the
"eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month"?
I'll keep my fingers crossed that a "cease fire"
of the uterine attack will occur by then!

However, this baby could potentially take after its older sister and hang out in the comfy "womby" apartment for 3 weeks past the due date like she did.  (Evie was a September due-date who ended up being an October baby!) Here's hoping that Baby #2 is a bit more punctual in its arrival!

So... undoubtedly you must want to know how Momma broke the news to Dadda, right? 
(Of course you do!

Momma and Evie practiced, practiced, and practiced the "Where's the Body Part" game in order to surprise Dadda when he came home.

"Evie, where's your ear?"
<covers both ears with her hands>
"Evie, where's your eye?"
<squints, lowers her eyebrows, and jabs at both her eyes with index finger>
"Evie, where's your nose?"
<sticks finger up nose>
"Evie, where's the baby?"
<runs over to Momma and sweetly pats my tummy>

Evie was performing just marvelously at patting Momma's tummy when prompted, but I think we overdid the practice sessions and bored her with the "new" body part. 

About 30 minutes before Dadda was due to return home, she gave up on patting momma's belly and would just pat her own tummy and ignore where the real baby was located. She'd give me the look of  "Whatever, mom. Everybody has a baby in their tummy. I'll just pat mine instead of yours. It's the same thing, right?" and go on about her business.

After the failed "Name the Body Part" attempts, we decided to veto that announcement strategy and try another way for Evie to broadcast the news to her Dadda.  About the time Dadda pulled his car into the driveway, Momma decided to just give Evie the positive pregnancy test. That way, Evie could show the test to Dadda, essentially disclosing the news herself.   (yes, the test was capped, clean, and dry!)

Well, that was the plan.... 

Instead of showing the test to Dadda, she took off on a mad dash around the house and purposefully tried to keep it away from him. The test stick was a new toy and she was not going to share it with Dadda!

Nuh-uh! Not gonna catch me!

Pleeeease let me see it!
No, Dadda! 
Can you see what it says?
Yes, Dadda, I can read it.
It says:  "Life just got a lot more complicated!"

A few days later after the (many) positive test(s), we had visitors over with whom we just had to share the pregnancy news.  

Uncle Battle, GabbaGabba, and Grandaddy Neal came to the Y&P abode, so Momma baked a cake and slyly placed it in a very visible location to see which of the quick-wits would pick up, or at least question us, about the reasoning behind this equation:

Yeah, nobody got it till we explained.
They all thought Momma Peach was just really bad at math.

We called Nana and Pop in Rhode Island to tell them the news. We threatened all our family members with death (or worse!) if they spilled the secret, since the pregnancy was very, very new and still hadn't been confirmed by Momma's doctor at this point.

Already tired of all this "baby talk," Evie decided it was time to bring the attention back in her direction by going on a practice run of an Easter Egg Hunt.  Our little Easter Bunny decided to try her skills at opening, closing, and hiding colorful Easter Eggs all around the house:

Here comes Peter Cottontail!

What? Nothing's inside these eggs?!
I got ripped off!

And of course, no pregnancy announcement is complete without a round of potty golf.  

We're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll only
have ONE child in diapers at a time.

So, if you need me, I'll be unpacking the Tupperware container of maternity clothes that are currently stored in the guest bedroom closet... yikes, I just realized they were officially put away only a few months ago.

We're very excited about bringing another precious life into this world and we hope you'll be happy for us too. If we haven't totally appalled and outraged you with our parenting practices so far, we can certainly try our best to upset you this next go round.  ;-)

Until next time, dear Y&P readers.... your gender predictions are more than welcome! 

PS- Our initial thoughts were that it was another girl, but compared to the mild morning sickness during the pregnancy with Evie, this little bugger is causing Momma Peach to have some pretty serious day-long nausea. Who knows?  Every pregnancy is different, right? 
As her doctor says, "The sicker you feel, the healthier that baby is!"
Thanks a lot for that reassurance, Dr. D!

PPS- This is NOT an April Fool's Day joke! April Fool's isn't until tomorrow. 
And besides..  this weight gain is more of a joke on Momma Peach, unfortunately. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Prepare your retinas and hang on to your eyeballs, there's a lot of pictures about to come at ya.

This past Saturday was Evie's Grandaddy's birthday.  We traveled down to Troup County to celebrate... and also stuff Grandaddy full of chocolate cake.

Evie was in charge of sprinkling the chocolate chips (and eating a few) -
which meant she can claim to have "decorated" the cake for Grandaddy.
We decided that 57 candles might be a fire hazard,
Roman Numeral candles was the way to go.

Come on out, doggie. I'll give you some chocolate cake!

No chocolate cake for you guys! Just carrots...

Puppy! This is already really hard to do
- and you jumping on me is not making it easier!

Uncle Battle!

Grandaddy's birthday present was as big as a truck --
a truckload of sand, to be exact.

The sand is to be spread around the new horse arena he built.

Evie will be sad to see the mountain of sand go, but she'll have a huge sandbox to play in once it's spread around!

Time to dismount- sliiiiiiide down, little lady!

Future gymnast/balance beam walker?

Best buds.

Puppy can't hold his licker.

All that sand meant it was bath time!
Cannon ball!

Don't ya just hate it when you try to drink and
all your drink runs out all the holes in bottom of your cup?

Where's it all going?
I scoop and scoop and it just runs right out!

After we got all cleaned up, we went to visit with friends and eat a
"Wild Game dinner" at Greenville High School.

Hello, Mr. Buck. Are we eating you tonight?

Forgoing the deer meat, she decided to high-jack
the banana pudding dessert cart instead.

Juicing oranges with Gabba Gabba the next morning.

Nothing like going on a mule ride after breakfast!

Move over, Grandaddy! My turn to drive!

Helping Gabba Gabba gather sticks for a bonfire.

Look what I have created!

Come on, Dad, where's the s'mores?