Friday, September 30, 2011


For football tailgating with friends, enjoying the reprieve from Georgia's hot weather, a little bit of fall window cleaning,...

And of course who could forget that Halloween Oreo cookies now stock the shelves?

Waving to the cars going by (above)...
and doing a little happy dance! (


Watching Dadda spray off the summer dust on the windows

How can this kid can freak out going through a car wash, yet press her face to the window pane as Dadda shoots water directly at her?

Missed a spot... Right HERE, Dadda!

I'll just nap while Dadda does the work.

Mom? These are ORANGE?!

And they're GREAT!

More, please!

Happy Fall, y'all!!

Friday, September 23, 2011


As much as we dislike having a sick kiddo, it's days like last Friday that make me actually enjoy having a sick day with Evie every now and then. Evie woke up with a slight fever, and about 20 minutes after breakfast, she decided to throw up.  
Not good... but not necessarily bad either, since she still being her happy self and wanting to play, even though we could tell she didn't feel well.

Momma Peach took the day off of work and stayed home with the sick kiddo. We took it easy in the morning and enjoyed reading books in our pajamas, watching some Elmo, and just being bums. Evie kept fluids and snacks down, so when I asked if she wanted to go outside she really perked up. We decided to take a stroll in the backyard to get a whiff of some really great breezy autumn weather.

Yep, she dressed herself.
Our day included quite a few clothing and footwear changes.

Just moseying around...

Although she looked a bit morose every now and then...
She really wasn't!


"Momma, haven't you figured out that this was all part of my plan?
I knew it was Friday and I just wanted to stay home!"


Does this look like a sick kid to you?

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Watch out, Tina Fey, we've got our own little bossy pants in the house.

Evie's done a good job of perfecting her tyrannical instructive attitude lately. Her teachers at school tell us that she really enjoys "playing teacher" towards the other students. (I hope this is not their polite way of hinting that our child is a domineering bully?  Hmmmmm...)

"You sit HERE. I sit HERE. Read THIS book."
So far, most of her friends at school are
receptive to our little bully.

We've known for a while that Evie is quite adept at pulling on her sassy pants whenever she wants.

Of course, the other female in the Y&P house is not to be outdone, as Momma is really filling out her own pants these days. Not necessarily in a sassy way though.

A friend recently mentioned that she wanted to see new belly pictures of little lion man - and I realized I haven't taken any in a while.
Always the ham, Evie wanted to be a part of the belly picture process...

Who's having a baby?
Evie is having a baby?
Wow, Evie! I'm glad Momma is helping you with that.

How many times can a person play a game of chase in a single day?
Evie knows no limit. 
Her teachers definitely get a workout.
Momma is not quite as fast as she used to be, but Evie loves a good game of chase around the house, with intermittent games of hide-and-seek.

Bona fide sassy britches skirt.

And just think, there's a second one coming soon!

Friday, September 9, 2011


If you know us, or if you have stopped by this blog before, then you probably know we have quite a few living creatures around the Yankee & Peach abode.

Last time I checked, we're currently a family of 13, and that number will be moving up to a total of 14 when the little lion man gets here.

We get the funniest reactions from people when they first learn that we have chickens at our house. Typically, their responses are a mixture of surprise (Chickens?! Really?!), a little bit of confusion ("Where do you keep them? In the basement?"), and often some piqued interest in the hens' actual purpose  ("Wow, can I get some eggs when they start laying?).

Hi, my name is Thelma. I have a twin sister named Louise.
I enjoy  corn, chicken scratch, mealworms, all sorts of plants, and pecking at your toes if you wiggle them near me.
I also like pulling Evie's flower hair clips out of her hair
and making her chase me around to get the clips back.

I know there are some bonafide city-loving folks who think we are crazy. But I also know that there are a lot of city dwellers and suburban residents who truly want (or miss having) open green space and animal life around them.   I know I do.

I also realize that the Yankee & Peach family is the very definition of wanna-be suburban farmers. (Not that our few pets really count as livestock in my opinion.)  If my grandfather was still alive -and if I had the cajones to tell him that I considered myself a "farmer"-  he'd probably just laugh and shake his head at me. That man actually was a farmer.

But, every so often someone tells me "Gee, I wish we could have chickens at our house." 

And I usually reply with a rambling answer of, "Well, you can! I mean, as long as you have just a few of them. Not a big farm or anything.... I promise it just takes a little effort and some creative planning to find a spot for them. Of course, you have to feed and water them, take care of them, and clean up after them - but they are really good garbage disposals on their own! It's not hard at all..."
I lose them about the time I say "you have to clean up after them." And then their eyes really glaze over when I start talking about building a coop and the recycling and fertilizing that we do.  

Well, yeah... anything you want to keep ALIVE and HEALTHY is going to take a little bit of effort, people!

Nope, they don't live in the basement. Just a well-drained patch of soil that is relatively sheltered from the elements and they have their very own coop.

During a recent web surfing expedition, I found a neat posting that confirmed my suspicions that there really are city people who are capable of "blooming where they are planted." 
There's a young couple in Belgium who took over the fifth floor and roof of a former factory. 
They literally have a mini-farm..... On a roof..... Of a building in the city of Antwerp...
Yup, those are live sheep. On a factory rooftop.

I would expect to see this out in the countryside...
not on a rooftop in Antwerp!

Hmm... not sure about the smell coming into the house.
But I guess that would provide incentive to keep the barn exceptionally clean!

The engineer side of me wants to know every detail about the preparation process. How much reinforcement did they have to put underneath the barn and grass areas? What are the logistics involved with hauling sheep up to a roof, or making sure that the chickens don't fly over to the neighboring buildings?
Any way around it, it seems to work for them!

Sadly, I seriously doubt this rooftop farm would ever be accepted in downtown Atlanta. I'm sure a neighbor would complain or the building authorities would step in and freak out over every single detail.

But I think this also shows that you if have the energy, the inspiration, and the ability to think creatively, then you can pretty much have the life you want anywhere you want it.

We don't like paparazzi, lady.
Put the camera down.
Every time I think we are just posers who don't even come close to qualifying as real farmers, I'm reminded of how happy the pets make us and it doesn't bother me as much.  

Yes, we realize our hens haven't laid a single egg yet, but already the girls have provided hours of entertainment to Miss Evie and her parents.

And when our hens finally do lay an egg, we'll be sure to shout it from our own rooftop! 

(They are only four months old, we're hoping for early Spring 2012!)

They'll be none of that, thank you very much.