Friday, July 19, 2013


Hi there, stranger. Where have we been? 

Let see if I can sum it up for you...

We've been busy parenting:

Best funny parenting books: Sh*tty Mom -- haven't read it but it sounds like a hoot...Funny Parenting Ecards

And trying to sell our house:

 All while still trying to get along:

While looking at homes for sale that appear beautiful online and end up more like this in reality:

And trying to avoid this scenario while selling our own home:
(when you see it.... ewwwwh)

Disclaimer: this is most certainly NOT our home.

 While still including and educating our kids about the real estate process: 

And constantly feeling like we keep missing opportunities:

While trying to keep in mind what's most important:

"A happy family is a home" by Allison Beal on Instagram

And finally, I have learned that having a potty training toddler is the best get-out-of-a-speeding ticket excuse ever:

Bumper Stickers for Funny Parents good-stuff

The End.