Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Our two bunnies were able to participate in not one, not two.... but three different Easter egg hunts this year.  We had a Good Friday egg hunt at our own house, then went to Greenville for an egg hunt at the Methodist church, then back to Gabba and Grandaddy's house for another egg hunt after a big Easter lunch on Sunday.

Evie is still very impressed that the Easter bunny was able to accomplish all that he did in so little time. In her own words:
"Dat bunny left dose eggs EVERYWHERE! He is a busy, busy bunny!"

Our own busy, busy bunny.
As part of her big sister responsibilities, Evie taught Abbott a great deal about the art of hunting eggs. Specifically, the proper technique of shaking the eggs in order to determine if there is any good stuff inside....


Uncle Winston was a big help during the egg hunt.

Gabba's tablescape for our Easter lunch.

Dadda and his little bunny.

Momma and her lil man.

I can't get enough of this dude's hilarious expressions!

Abbott and the puppies, Bleu and Tinkerbell.

Sweet girl.
Especially when she has sweets to eat!

Typical toddler picture face, captured for posterity. 


"HELP ME, PLEASE." I'm pretty sure Kitty was completely thrilled when the Easter festivities were finally over.