Friday, December 21, 2012


Oh, my.

I have at least 2,000 photos to sort through.  No joke, at least that many pictures are still on my camera's SD card and I have already downloaded the pictures I took in November and haven't even looked at them yet.

Here's a small sample of some of the most recent photographic documentation of our little family.

You may notice that it looks like we were dropped on a tropical isle with some strange characters. Yes, that's exactly what happened.

Disney Cruise Line.... they  make the magic happen!

"Mickey's boat is the bomb-diggidy." - Evie

"Yeaaaaah!" - Abbott

"Seriously, where are those short guys you live with?"

Best character meetingof the whole trip:
"Well, hello, my dear!
I've never seen a pirate so very .... blue! What's this? A treasure map? You're my new favorite person!

"Now, show me where you've hidden the rum!"
(Evie points to a spot on the Newfoundland coastline.)
"Well, it looks like we're off to Newfoundland!
Get your heavy coats ready! Cheerio, lads! "

Nailed it.

No more pictures, mom!!!

Our child conducts dinner like a mob boss.

What do you mean, we can't move in here permanently?!