Monday, February 28, 2011


G'morning, yall. Please 'scuse us, as we haven't had a chance to finish our cup o' coffee or put on our MAKEUP yet.

But we do have some fun Monday morning news:  the fireplace is finished and the new flooring has been put down in the living room!

"I'll do it, Momma."

"All done!"
Random sidenote: That shiny bald head on the television screen is Sports Illustrated senior writer Grant Wahl, who happened to be giving an interview as to why he should be the next FIFA president just as I snapped this picture.
His run for FIFA president is generating some legitimate buzz- but given the state of affairs over at FIFA, it's not likely he'll be elected. However, of all his presidential promises, the one that stuck out most to Momma Peach is that Wahl wants to do away with the yellow card offense been thrown for players who take their shirt off at the end of the game.

Although Wahl discussed many other more important goals in his interview, Momma Peach didn't really notice much else.
Dadda could care less about the yellow card issue, but he is just happy that Americans are paying a little bit of attention to international soccer. Momma Peach is in favor of shirtless soccer players being able to run around freely and gratuitously. Just sayin'.
So I guess that's the Y&P's explanation and endorsement of why you should vote for Grant Wahl?

We think the living room update is a HUGE improvement from the old brick fireplace surround and ancient dingy carpet. (Hope you agree?!)

If you need to find us, we'll be in the living room putting on our tap dancing shoes to break the new floor in... and sliding around in our socks too!

Happy last-day-of-February, y'all!

PS - Although Evie would LOVE to have some of her momma's coffee, it's actually chocolate milk in her mug. She thinks she's having coffee, it looks like coffee to her, but it's not coffee. Everybody's happy. Especially momma - because momma actually gets the REAL coffee. 

Friday, February 25, 2011


Little girls and makeup... the fascination has no end.

Makeup certainly is a powerful thing... but one that we shouldn't have to fret over till Evie is at least 35 years old and we've finally let her out of the nunnery.

"How do you put makeup on your mind?"
a 4 year old girl, when told she should "make up her mind."

"I don’t think makeup is rocket science or the cure for cancer ."
– Cindy Crawford

"I am intrigued by glamorous women.
A vain woman is continually taking out a compact to repair her makeup.
A glamorous woman knows she doesn't need to."
-Clark Gable

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I'm just a girl who wishes for the world.”
-   Marilyn Monroe

"I mean, look, I wear makeup in films. I don't wear makeup in real life.
It's just part of the gig, that's all." - Bruce Willis

"All right, Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my closeup" - Norma Desmond

Une naturellement belle petite grenouille!
(A naturally beautiful little frog.
En français, s'il vous plaît!)

"By watching her I began to think there was some skill involved in being a girl."
- Scout, To Kill a Mockingbird

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


You know those home improvement shows that make every do-it-yourself project seem so incredibly easy that even an imbecile could finish it? Yeah, Momma Peach has completely bought into those shows... hook, line, and sinker. 

What an imbecile.

But unlike those D.I.Y. shows, the Yankee & Peach house can't complete our projects with only 35 minutes of actual work (broken up by a few commercial breaks), then 13 minutes of strategic product placement, and finally a beautiful "reveal" of the completed project coming after just 48 minutes. All while the "contractor" is standing there in designer jeans, stilettos, and a full face of makeup.

Momma Peach does promise to return to Y&P Blogland soon, but in the meantime she'll give you some fuzzy cell phone pictures of what we've been working on.  Don't worry, these projects aren't anything like the basement project from last year. 

On a side note... yes, we fully support child labor.

Good job munchkin. And after you uninstall the fireplace cover, level the uneven bricks, measure and place the tile, then we'll talk about grout coloring. I'll just sit right here on the couch and watch you.

Yup, that is mosaic glass tile that has been lovingly positioned and mortared over a not-so-cute 1970's red brick fireplace. The mortar just needs to set, the green painters tape will be removed, and then grout will be even more lovingly placed around the tiles.  And if you don't like it... well, that's just too bad. Because that stuff ain't coming off now!
No longer an eyesore, we fully intend to use this "new" fireplace  to roast marshmallows and make s'mores every single night of the week.  Even if it's summer time in Georgia and the temp is a balmy 103 degrees, we're lighting a beautiful fire in this beautiful new fireplace, dag'gum it!

"Get back in the factory and sew your fingers to the bone, little girl! There are no breaks in this sweat shop!"
Kidding, of course.  Please notice that Strawberry-Shortcake-pajama-clad Evie even has a flexible tape measure in her firm grip, just like every good seamstress should.

This is the downstairs guest bathroom. I wanted something that let light in, but kept prying eyes out for a bit of privacy. I found some inspiration for this project HERE.
However, instead of using canvas as the link explained, I used some light tan burlap and chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon, put them together... and voila, a window shade.

There are six windows that are in need of window treatments. Some have old white blinds on them, some have nothing at all. So, one down and
just five more to go!

We're not even going to show the projects that Dadda has been working on... they're just too good to be revealed yet! But we will say it involves a can or two of paint, a very tall ladder, and a garage door opener.  

And hopefully it will NOT involve a trip to the E.R.... again.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Before you think the Yankee & Peach family is just another household who naively falls victim to superficial Valentine's Day marketing scams ... let me explain how we do it 'round here
We don't typically take the celebration overboard in our house, but we do enjoy the excuse to be extra sweet to each other... and, more importantly, a plausible justification to eat large amounts of chocolate cake and sweets (usually the homemade variety).

Just might attempt to make a hazelnut and meringue cake this weekend.
Or at least an edible version of it.

Momma Peach has told Dadda on many occasions that buying an over-priced bouquet of cut roses is just throwing money away.  I've reminded him that a live plant I can put in the ground and (hopefully) convince to grow would make me happier for much longer. He usually follows through with that request!

Once we put the Hallmark/Godiva/jewelry store trickery aside, we do enjoy Valentine's Day. Besides, the many different fables about exactly who Saint Valentine was makes for a pretty interesting tale. I'm surprised that Hollywood hasn't made a movie about it yet. Or have they made it already? And I missed it?

This St. Valentine movie doesn't count.

HOWEVER, in order to have full disclosure for all you Yankee&Peach readers (all 15 of you!), Momma Peach did fall victim to spending a bit of money for Valentine's Day.  She purchased a gift that keeps on giving... and giving... and giving. (or "laying," depending on the terminology you prefer)

After consulting the folks at Murray McMurray Hatchery (also known as the World's Rare Breed Poultry Headquarters) Momma Peach ordered 26 baby chicks to be delivered to Evie's grandparents' farm in West Georgia.

Gabba Gabba and Grandaddy will be on the receiving end of:
(8) Maran Cuckoos - This rare and unusual breed was developed in France in the mid 1800's in the town for which it bears its name, Marans. They had made their way to England in the early 1900's and quickly became very popular for their very dark (chocolate) brown eggs - a trait they are still known for today. These beautiful birds were first exhibited in 1929 in Paris by the Poultry Breeders Society of France and since then have gradually made themselves popular in various countries around the world.  Maran's lay the darkest eggs of any breed we carry and are a nice dual purpose bird for both eggs and meat.
Did you catch that they lay CHOCOLATE eggs?
Well, not really chocolate, but chocolate in color. How cool is that?
And very appropriate for Valentine's Day!

(10) Rhode Island Reds (in honor of Evie's Dadda!)
This is one of the most famous and all time popular breeds of truly American chickens. Developed in the early part of this century in the state of the same name, they have maintained their reputation as a dual purpose fowl through the years. Outstanding for production qualities, they have led the contests for brown egg layers time after time. No other heavy breed lays more or better eggs than the Rhode Island Reds.  Baby chicks are a rusty red color and the mature birds are a variety of mahogany red.

(8) Araucanas - "The "Easter Egg Chicken" - This unusual breed gets its name from the Indian tribe of Chile where they were first discovered. Araucanas lay beautiful colored eggs of blue-green shades from turquoise to deep olive. These natural Easter Eggs will amaze your friends and make a great "show and tell" project for school. Adults are of medium size with pea combs and our breeding stock is selected for their ability to produce colored eggs. They exhibit a wonderful combination of colors and color patterns and 10 or 20 of these birds make an absolutely beautiful laying flock that is extremely hardy and will be the talk of the town. This is a unique breed and great fun to have when the colored eggs start coming. Araucanas are recommended for egg laying color and ability and not for exhibition.

Forget lemonade or Popsicle stands, I'm thinking in about 6 or 7 months, you will see Evie and her momma with a "FRESH EGGS" roadside stand. 

Somebody's got to bring in some money so Gabba Gabba can feed all these animals!

I said roadside stand, Evie. Not running in the road.
Ehhhh, whatever gets the customers to pull over.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The Little Peach's outfit choices have been quite fabulous, if not at least very fun, over the past few days.    (Apologies for the blurry cell phone pictures)

Baby Vogue's interpretation of her look:
The white gloves and patent leather shoes give a sense of
timeless Audrey Hepburn style, while the pink striped skull cap
rounds out the ensemble with a fun and edgy rocker-girl flare.
The substantial amount of visible bare skin keeps the overall look very natural.
It's a classy, but fun, and untailored look.
We think all toddlers should embrace this edgy bravura
in the coming fashion season."

(PS - This was NOT for a public outing.)

Her outfit choice for school today.
The Beatles!

Maybe the teachers will get the hint on the fifth repeat of "Wheels on the Bus" that they could switch it up and play some Hey Jude or All You Need Is Love for the toddler song and circle time.  

A Beatles-themed lesson would be so appropriate.   Yellow Submarine or I Am the Walrus would be a good choice for her class to hear, since the Toddler classroom theme is currently "Under the Sea!"  What's more under the sea than a shiny yellow submarine and a fun walrus?
Evie will happily dance along to anything from the Magical Mystery Tour, Sgt. Peppers, or Abbey Road albums. Dadda often sings Strawberry Fields Forever to her as well....  STRAWBERRIES! A strawberry is RED, and a FRUIT and one of Evie's favorite things to eat. Strawberries would initiate at least 30 minutes of classroom interaction and discovery!

Did you even realize the Beatles had such great material for a toddler to learn? 

Why her school doesn't just let ME write the curriculum is beyond my comprehension. 

And using the Beatles to teach the toddler class to walk in a single file line...

What other Beatles songs could work for a classroom lesson?

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today is Nana's birthday. Evie wanted to give her Nana something special, so we wrapped up a few birthday packages to mail to her- and also made her some ladybug cookies as an early Valentine's sweet.

We're just guessing that Evie wanted to give Nana ladybugs, since "BUG" was what I think she said when we asked what she wanted to give Nana.  (Toddler language is always left wide open to interpretation.) One of our many nicknames for Evie is "Bug," so it just seemed fitting. 
Ladybugs from our little ladybug!

(She's eating a goldfish, not raw cookie dough. Promise.)

After making the ladybugs, she of course wanted to play with her BIG ladybug.
 (There may be some sugary remnants on her face and shirt from when she was a big help in "testing" Nana's cookies). 

Watch out Nana, you have an army of bugs heading your direction! 

Oh, and you may be on the receiving end of some Tophats too! (Evie and I had to put up a fight to keep Dadda from snitching all of these!)

We call them Tophats because of their shape.
And why are they shaped like that?

Because the chocolate chip cookie
is stuffed with an Oreo cookie, of course!

(We hope Nana likes 'em!)

Nana: just in case the package doesn't get there in one piece, this is what some of the components looked like prior to shipping. And if it doesn't, we hope you still can enjoy some yummy crumbs! (sorry the presents won't get to you ON your birthday! they are on the way!)

Happy Birthday Nana!
Evie and her parents