Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Happy belated Mudder's Day! 

And since only The Fates may know when I'll actually get around to posting a blog again, I might as well tell you "Happy Summer" and "Happy Memorial Day, Happy Independence Day, Happy Labor Day and Happy Halloween" while we're at it. Got to cover all the bases, ya know.

To sum up some of our recent events:  Momma and the little people took a recent beach trip to Florida. We left Dadda at home to attend the track meet that Georgia Tech was hosting at home over the weekend. Although Dadda missed out on beach time with us, we're pretty sure he happily enjoyed the peace and quiet of being home by himself and getting to visit old friends and former teammates at the track meet. (I have a sneaking suspicion he leisurely strolled around the house in his underwear all weekend, ate his meals uninterrupted while lying in bed watching SportsCenter-  while enjoying having not a single request to change the channel to Little Einsteins or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He says this didn't happen at all. But like I said, I have my suspicions.)

I am also happy to report that our kids got their first taste of The Princess Bride on this trip. I think it was somewhere around the 134th viewing of Toy Story during the car ride down to the beach that my mom finally called it quits. So, out went Woody and Buzz and in went the story of Westley, Buttercup, Vizzini, Fezzik, and my favorite, Inigo Montoya. (Disclaimer: I do not think the RUS's in the movie scared either child. They hardly blinked an eye at the Fire Swamp, but Evie was quite fascinated with the six-fingered man and asked me later why he had the extra digit.)

Anywhoooo, we had a blast at the beach and we certainly need to go back for longer next time! Rosemary Beach was a really beautiful area of Florida -  and it was just a quick walk from the house where we were staying.  

Once Abbott got over his irrational fear of his barefoot feet touching the silky white soft sand, he was fine with it. 

You are torturing me, momma!

Eh, this stuff isn't so bad after all.
Pat, pat, pat the sand.

That's a sweet pink and purple paci ya got there, tough guy.

Visiting our relatives at the PCB zoo.
Both kids learned to scream like a peacock.
Abbott does it on command now. And even unprompted.

Land kayaking at Bass Pro in Destin.
No water involved.

This is quite an effective method to avoid potential drownings.
Evie was excited to feed Abbott to the Bass Pro shark.
Abbott, not feeling so excited.

The day after we got back from the beach, it was time for our little ballerina to perform in her spring recital:

Serious ballerina face.



Until next time...