Friday, April 24, 2009

18 Week Check-up!

Our 18 week checkup went well - the doctor used the Doppler to hear the heartbeat and we have a healthy rate of 122 BMP going on in there.

Sorry, no pictures or video from this week. We were bummed to find out no ultrasound was to be used during this visit, but it was nice to check in with the doctor and make sure everything is still "progressing" as it should.

Plus, it was neat to hear the heartbeat and some loud "thumps" -which the doctor said was definite movement and kicking. I haven't felt a true "kick" yet, but I have definitely been feeling some movement!

BUT ... the REALLY good news is that Chris and I will know the sex on Tuesday, May 12th! The doctor guaranteed he'd do the ultrasound then and I'll be right at 20 weeks, so he said we should know for sure!

So... BOY or GIRL? What do you think?