Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here's Round Two of the Rhode Island pics. I previously put up a post of some of my favorite shots of the local real estate around Narragansett, but now comes the "people" pictures. Meaning: pictures of the Baby Peach with a few photos thrown in of the big people in her life, of course.

However, there is absolutely no friggin' way I'm capable of narrowing down my favorite photos of Evie after this trip - there are entirely too many! So, how about we test the storage and expansion capabilities of this blogspot by trying to post all 40+ pictures at once, shall we? Without further ado, here goes...

Like a pint-sized ballerina at the balance bar, she tried so hard to perform a graceful plie, only to look more like a squatting frog clinging to the side of her baby pool.  (Hey, Momma's not complaining. Dang good balance for a 9 month old!)

Momma's so proud of her little squatting frog.  Ribbit.

Pop's proud of his lil froggie granddaughter, too!

No longer the frog, she's evolved to a more stable bouncing kangaroo pose.

Mmmm... plastic. 

All right mommy. I've conquered the pool. Now, where's the beach?

Perfect pose to show off her non-existent cleavage.
"Watch it, little lady! Good girls don't do that!"
If you saw the previous blog's final picture, you know all she really has is bootie cleavage.

Come on, people. I'm trying to eat here!

See, Evie? Dad will wear them and he doesn't look silly at ALL.

Our child will one day be able to tell a therapist that her parents continuously tried to dress her like Elton John. And I will be able to rebuke that blasphemous statement by saying everyone knows that Elton John is allergic to shellfish, so there's no way he'd wear a lobster shirt or glasses. 

That's one good looking baby-pusher right there.
(Well, Momma Peach was obviously the original baby-pusher in this whole procreation situation, but Dadda is making up for lost time. And pain and effort.)

Ahhhh... Narragansett in the summer.
(I have yet to see Narragansett in any other season than summer, but I can only assume that statement would change to "BBBbbbbbbbrrrrr.... Narragansett is friggin cold in the winter!")

"Breed like rabbits" takes on a whole new meaning in this neighborhood. Mainly because the rabbits....well, they breed like rabbits.

Breeding like a rabbit can be a good thing... if all rabbits produced were this cute.

I'm all clean, Nana! Now, let's go get dirty so I can do this bath thing all over again!

Mom and Son. (with Son making a wierd face)
Even after 31 years, she still likes him.

No, Dad, let me do it! I told you, we have to stack them alphabetically by subject matter and theme, not just by title. Duh!


Evie and her Nana under neighbor Eddie's "Drinking Tree." Everybody needs a Drinking Tree in their front yard. It helps toughen up your liver. And builds camaraderie.  Everybody wins!
(well, except the liver)

The Bruthas in Newport. 
Trying to look tough, while managing to pull off "tough and preppy" instead. 
Nothing says "I'm a proud Daddy" like carrying a little girl's lime green and hot pink backpack around in public!

"Momma, is that the ocean????!"

"Uhhhhmm, it sounds like the noise you play in my room when I sleep. Is it nap time or something?"

"It's a whale of a tail, and it's all true, I swear by my tattoooooo!"

The Belgians are here! The Belgians are here!  And they're tasty too!

What's this? Sam Adams Summer Ale? Yum!

 Let me assure you, there were hardly any pictures taken during this trip.

 "Dadda, will that be mine one day?"

"Yes, Evie... one day this will all be yours!"


"Well, what are you waiting for, dad? Let's go explore it!"

Just call her Little Magellan. 
Although I don't think Magellan would have ever worn a yellow tutu in any of his explorations. So, maybe you can call her Sacajawea? Maybe not.  (Amelia Earhart? Dian Fossey?)
Momma Peach obviously needs to brush up on her female explorers, as her knowledge is severely limited on the subject.  Or maybe Momma Peach can just assume that during this post-feminist age there must be a bevy of female explorers that we've never heard about before and their discoveries are now being publicized heavily - especially since we have realized and identified the evil patriarchal conspiracy to hide their valiant achievements? Think on THAT for a while, now will ya?

Or..... maybe we'll just call her the "Naked Explorer." Certainly suits her personality.

Dadda's best side.

That's a little woman on a mission.

"That's my boat!" (*said in Forrest Gump tone)
Little tutu'd munchkin checking out the Blessing of the Fleet with Nana.

That's Dadda's favorite boat!
The Red Sox nation has officially been blessed.  Deal with it, Yankees.

Momma Peach got blessed with a shirt thrown from the Red Sox boat.

Dadda almost got blessed out for sporting his Texas-sized ego of a shirt.
(Momma Peach finds it funny that Mark Teixeira once said the same thing as this Davy Crockett quote, went to the Rangers, but he's now in New York... although we won't rehash those hurt feelings on this post.)

I like this beach stuff, Momma.

There's a lotta love in those lips, little lady.
Evie with her Nana and her Great-Grammy. 

Hope all the pictures loaded for y'all. As a reminder, if you want to view a picture in a larger size, you should be able to place your mouse over a picture and double click and it should open in a new window for you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's time for this Southerner to put down her mint julep, swallow her pride, and raise a glass of Sam Adams to show some love for all things Yankee.  Well, not necessarily all things Yankee since saying I'm a "Yankee-lover" while in the Red Sox nation would probably earn me a mortal wound from anyone who heard me. What I mean is that it's time the Y&P blog showed some love for "all things Rhode Island-y."    (i.e. lighthouses, beaches, quahogs, stuffies, lobster boats, sailboats, clamcakes, sliders, grinders, fraps/cabinets, coffee milk, Dell's, Iggy's, and the list could go on forever...)

The Yankee, Peach, and lil' Peach just returned from a vacation to Rhode Island to visit Nana and Pop. I promise to soon have boatloads of photos of the little Peach earning her stripes as she stepped foot in the Atlantic ocean for the very first time. (I just have to go through the 700+ pictures that I took!) Sorry to disappoint if you wanted all Evie pics, all the time.

However, before I post a zillion pictures of the cutest little water baby ever, I wanted to post some photos of something I found almost as fascinating: Rhode Island Real Estate! 

Whether a quahog shack or a seaside mega-mansion, everywhere you look there's always a touch of New England...

 My companions for an evening stroll around the neighborhood...

Beautiful rock walls ...

Windows, windows... everywhere.

I loved the look of the wood shingled houses... and almost every house had an American flag.
(I later learned that you always want a flag at your house if you're near the ocean - in order to easily ascertain which way the wind is blowing. Obviously!)

A pink front door. Simply fabulous. 
I loved it.

Beautiful hydrangeas all over the place.

Did I mention there were beautiful hydrangeas all over the place?

More hydrangeas!
By now, I'm pretty sure the neighbors thought I was the paparazzi or stalking someone... 

The nautical theme-
complete with life-sized anchor!

I love the grey and white paint - such a classic beach look.

 Clam rake and wood shed.

Such clean, crisp colors.

A lighthouse in a front yard

A much BIGGER lighthouse.
Point Judith Lighthouse, Narragansett

Simply beautiful.

Can you tell which way the wind is blowing?

A ship is considered real estate, right?

Well, I lied about not including any Evie photos in this blog. Momma Peach can't resist a baby in swimwear, so here you go: 

Hey, Evie... did you enjoy your trip?

"It was totally awesome!!!"

"I mean, really really really awesome!"