Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby's New Ride

YOW-zaaa! A new car!
This is my Mother's Day present, Chris's Father's Day present, both our birthday presents, and probably our Christmas and Valentine's Day presents for the next few years!
We got a 2009 Nissan Murano - and are loving it so far. It received great safety ratings (very important, obviously) and has been performing great so far. We feel like we are riding in luxury - with the push-button start, an insane back-up camera that shows everything behind you in a screen in the dashboard, a big and comfy interior, and all kinds of fun gadgets!
Plus, Cousin Brendan was nice enough to have already tested out his mom's Murano - so we know it performs well during a rollover crash. (Brendan said it saved his good looks!)

Baby is going to be riding in style!!!

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