Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yes, she came 6 weeks ago - but of course, I'm slow to update this page!!

Evie decided she wanted to come at her own pace - so after about 34 hours of contractions and about 12 hours of active labor, she just did not want to come down any more. She was quite comfortable in her warm world and didn't want to come out.

The doctor recommended we go the c-section route- so after a few more pushing attempts, an epidural, and some wierd forceps device getting involved, we decided c-section would be the optimal path to delivery!

 Eight minutes later, she was here!

Evelyn Harper Sinotte was born at 3:36 AM on Tuesday, October 6th. For those of you sharp-wits... yes, that is actually Chris and Katie's 2nd wedding anniversary!

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