Friday, December 17, 2010


We're horrible parents. We ditched our kid to go on a cruise. 

But not just any cruise, but a DISNEY cruise at that.  And.... it was fabulous.  

I'm not gonna lie: the main topic of our conversation while on holiday was usually Evie. More often than not, it was about our concerns with leaving her for days at a time.  

However, by Day 2 (or maybe it was Day 3?), Momma Peach and Dadda finally realized Evie wasn't going to forget about us and we managed to relax and have a little bit of fun!  

Our home for 4 days, 3 nights.

This is Dadda's excited face.
Or maybe he's anticipating how he's gonna feel after drinking BOTH those Bahama Mamas in his hands.

The kids pool. Awesome.

Another family-friendly pool. Awesome-MER.

The adult pool. AwesomEST.

I would like to move in permanently, please.

Momma Peach gets excited about meeting the ship's host and hostess.

Dadda got pretty excited about the time it dawned on him that we were on VACATION!
Happy kids.

The Disney Wonder (middle of the 3 ships in port)
It may look small comparatively, but it packs a very fun PUNCH and we decided we wouldn't have chosen a different cruise line and we're very glad we went the Disney route!

Hello, Bahamas. So nice to see you again.

Christmas shopping, Bahamanian style!

Oiiii! We missed GT coming to play ball by less than a week!

Our cruise director!
(For the $4 water taxi "cruise" from New Providence Island to Paradise Island)

"Dis was da scene of da crime in Nineteen and Sixty - FIH!
Dat was a good movie, eh bey! We saw lots of Sean Con-OH-REE!
 He was large and in charge and he is da REAL James Bon!"

Translation: The James Bond movie Thunderball was filmed here in 1965.
And our "water taxi cruise director" has a man crush on Sean Connery.

I loved the Christmas wreaths.
The Bahamas are ready for Christmas!

We ditched the Disney action in Nassau for a little while to go experience The Graycliff Hotel, Restaurant, and Cigar Company

Graycliff's front hall - doors open and ready for you!
The hotel is actually a mansion built by the notorious 18th century pirate Captain Graysmith.

These awards were just stuck in a random corner.
Graycliff’s wine cellar has garnered the Wine Spectator’s Grand Award since 1988,
but dey' don like to brag about it none, man!

(and I loved the unintentional crooked one hanging there, in true Bahamanian-carefree style!)

Momma Peach used this as inspiration to entice Dadda for the visit to Graycliff. He could not resist the temptation!

For the amount of cigars that Graycliff produces, they have a shockingly TINY (but very personable) amount of staff in their cigar factory.

The fresh dried leaves smelled sooooo good!
Momma Peach hanging out in the smoking parlor ...

One of Graycliff's dining rooms.

Dadda was proud to see KCP representing in the Graycliff powder rooms...

Paolo and Enrico Garzaroli, the Italian father-son team who own Graycliff.
We met Paolo at the hotel (the one on the left) and didn't realize who he was till we saw this picture hanging in their lounge later.  Nice guy!

View of the Atlantis from our ship as we left the port that evening...

And we arrived the next day at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay.

We set out to explore the island on bikes...
this is the small private airplane runway that spans one side of the island.

"Ummm... the boat didn't leave us did it?"

Nope, there it is!
(some serious zoom action on my camera...)

Want a free Desktop wallpaper to put on your computer?
Because this is definitely mine now...

We want to go back so badly....  

And are already looking (and wishing and hoping) to find some departure dates for other cruises sometime in 2012 or 2013 - and yes, we fully intend on taking Evie with us on the next trip!

And before you think we left Evie with a pack of wild dogs somewhere in the wilds of North Georgia, she was actually having fun with her grandparents.  

(What? You thought we could really make it through an entire post without pictures of our munchkin?!)

On the little John Deere with Grandaddy

Interesting outfit combination choice by Gabba Gabba, but at least she is dressed and warm!

Indian Princess

She got to snooze in her great grandfather's antique iron crib.

Parents? I don't need my parents! Who are those people again?


  1. It looks like everyone had a blast. How in the world did ya'll manage to get away? I remember the first time we left Jordan. It was incredibly strange. Still, it's really great for all involved. I'm sure your folks enjoyed her. It must be nice to have them available...mine are in different states.

  2. Your pictures are AMAZING!! Makes me want to go on another cruise (especially with the stinkin' cold weather we have here now). LOVE the desktop wallpaper one. So beautiful!

    Glad you were able to get away and have a good time. I'm sure it was much needed for both of you.