Monday, April 25, 2011


Sorry for the extended absence. Momma Peach had a fun filled week in Milwaukee discussing the intriguing topic of health care reform (and also eating cheese), which kept her away from the Y&P blog for longer than she'd like.  Eating cheese was pretty much the best part of the Milwaukee trip... that, and visiting the Harley Davidson Museum!

However, this past Easter weekend found the Yankee and Peach family, as well as many of our extended family members, down on the barrier islands of Georgia. We spent most of our time on a little land mass by the name of Tybee Island.

We rented a little house through Mermaid Cottages, a group that Momma Peach and Dadda had used before on a pre-baby trip to Tybee.  The cottage had plenty of room and even came with fenced yards for the dogs, an outdoor shower (Momma's favorite) and our very own grapefruit tree just outside the front porch.

Dipping her toes in the water the first afternoon...

Come on, Dad. Don't be scared.
It's just water. I'll hold your hand.
What's that I taste? Freedom?

"Excuse me, sir. I would like to talk to your daughter, please."
Not five minutes had passed before Evie had a boy friend come try to play.

"Move it along, kid."
"Mom!!! Dad is ruining my social life

Evie with her Nana!

That's one happy little water stomper.


Evie with her Pop and Nana

Contemplating life.
And sand. And jellybeans.

Mine. Mine. Mine.
We would like your goldfish snacks, please.

Mine. Mine. Mine.

Attack of the birds!!

We also drove into Savannah to have dinner at Paula Deen's restaurant "The Lady and Sons."  (Exactly how Momma Peach got the last minute reservation is another story, better saved for another time.)

You betta believe that a whole lotta BUTTER built this building!

First bite of the famous Paula Deen mac-n-cheese.

Closing her eyes ... savoring the flavor.
And deciding to never eat her Momma's mac-n-cheese again,
until she agrees to cook it using Paula's recipe.

After Paula Deen's calorie fest, we decided to work off
some of the butter in the local fountain.

I want one of these at home, mom!

We've created a water monster.

The next morning, Gabba Gabba snuck out to the beach ahead of the group and convinced the Easter Bunny to lay some eggs for Evie.

"Whatcha got in there good to eat?"

Burning off sugar!

Mother and son.
Not much has changed in 30+ years.

Checking out Fort Jelly Bean.

Besides "Wah-wahr" (water),
the word of the trip was "PUPPIEeee!!"

in reference to Gabba Gabba's little Jack Russell,
who also joined us at the beach.

On our last night on Tybee, we decided to go eat dinner at a place "where the elite eat in their bare feet," or better known as The Crab Shack.

It's a landmark. Seriously.
The Crab Shack is a huge ramshackle set-up with lots of open air and screened-in eating areas, boat docks overlooking the ocean inlet, an enclosure full of live alligators you can feed, a shack of live exotic birds, about a dozen cats roaming the area.
Oh, and the food is good and supposedly passed all recent health inspections.

Time for your orthodontic lesson of the day!

She wrestled the big fella right into submission.
She's also a big fan of their coconut drinks.

And the crab soup. As long as it makes it to her mouth.

Beach vacations are hard work.

But who can sleep when it's so exciting?!


  1. Loooove these! She's getting so leggy...and thin. No more baby.

    I'm digging the red toenails:) It looks like she had a blast!

  2. Lovely, lovely post!! Little Evie must have put a whole different spin on the Health Care Reform discussions!
    Millie x