Sunday, July 24, 2011


We are no longer owners of baby chicks.  Our fowly friends have officially graduated into the "adolescent chicken category."  They are just full of teen angst and hormones and stuff like that. 

Actually, they really aren't full of hormones, since we don't feed them that kind of thing.

But these hens are the most efficient garbage disposals I've ever seen. We toss all kinds of greens, weeds, yard clippings, and melon rinds into their pen - and the girls go berserk over the goodies.  Whatever leftovers they leave goes into our compost bin- but they really don't leave much!

On weekdays, the chickens are usually Momma's responsibility and she tends to their feedings.  Evie visits them every other day or so. But on weekends, Evie loves to go help feed and play with them...

Come and get it, ladies!
Still in her pajamas, Evie requested to feed the chickens
right after she was done with her own breakfast.

Evie still hasn't been able to sit still long enough
for the girls to come eat out of her hand.
She gets excited when they get close -
and starts bouncing and scares them off.

Here you go, bawk-bawks!

Our girls are definitely living up to their names.
Foxy Cleopatra (who we call Fox) is by far the smartest of the group. (She's the dark brown Speckled Sussex at left, burying her head in the group.)  She's the first one out of the coop in the morning and definitely the quickest to learn things.
The Rhode Island Reds (reddish browns) are friendly chickens - and behave just as backyard chickens should. Thelma and Louise are their names - and they are definitely partners in crime. 
The two blondies are the epitome of every bad blonde joke you've ever heard.  Sorry to offend any of you natural blondes out there, but these chickens are absolute idiots. They are funny, ditzy, and entertaining -  but they really do have a pea-sized brain and a personality to go with it.
The black speckled chickens are the most aloof. These are the Silver Laced Wyandottes (Jay-Z and Artimus Fowl). They are polite, cautious, and quiet. What more could you ask for from laying hens?

Evie is filling up their hanging feeder, which is attached
to the bottom of their raised coop to keep the feed sheltered from the weather.

Momma is more than happy to enlist Evie to feed, even if most of the food doesn't actually make it in the feeder when Evie does the pouring. Baby brother has been making it harder for Momma and her expanding belly to wiggle and duck under tight spaces, so Evie's help is much appreciated.

Proud little chicken farmer.

My work here is done! Eat up, ladies!

We finished just in time to listen for the morning train to go by.
Nothing like a rousing CHOO-CHOO chant
to get your day started off right.


  1. Hey girl! I would love to see a post about your compost bin! Or at least email me with how y'all did it and some pics! We have been wanting to get one!

  2. Funny and cute! The chickens grew really fast!Keep on feedin' those chickens Evie!

  3. Too cute!! Katie thanks so much for visiting me and entering my Giveway!!


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