Thursday, September 15, 2011


Watch out, Tina Fey, we've got our own little bossy pants in the house.

Evie's done a good job of perfecting her tyrannical instructive attitude lately. Her teachers at school tell us that she really enjoys "playing teacher" towards the other students. (I hope this is not their polite way of hinting that our child is a domineering bully?  Hmmmmm...)

"You sit HERE. I sit HERE. Read THIS book."
So far, most of her friends at school are
receptive to our little bully.

We've known for a while that Evie is quite adept at pulling on her sassy pants whenever she wants.

Of course, the other female in the Y&P house is not to be outdone, as Momma is really filling out her own pants these days. Not necessarily in a sassy way though.

A friend recently mentioned that she wanted to see new belly pictures of little lion man - and I realized I haven't taken any in a while.
Always the ham, Evie wanted to be a part of the belly picture process...

Who's having a baby?
Evie is having a baby?
Wow, Evie! I'm glad Momma is helping you with that.

How many times can a person play a game of chase in a single day?
Evie knows no limit. 
Her teachers definitely get a workout.
Momma is not quite as fast as she used to be, but Evie loves a good game of chase around the house, with intermittent games of hide-and-seek.

Bona fide sassy britches skirt.

And just think, there's a second one coming soon!


  1. You look fabulous!
    Jordan has begun to run laps. Sometimes she runs laps around the living room, sometimes around the yard, and occasionally around a person:)

  2. You look SO GREAT and are all baby!!! I know you are enjoying this cooler weather. We're amazed at how our two year old can already be so set in her ways and can totally relate to miss bossy pants! :-)

  3. Hey Katie! I'm glad you found me in blog land :) You have such an adorable family! Congrats on the soon to be new arrival too!