Thursday, December 22, 2011


As a stay-at-home mom (for the time being), I'm getting used to the life of being "homeward bound" for most of my day.  It's interesting to see what goes on in our neighborhood during the hours that I'm usually at work.

I didn't pay any mind to these things when I was on leave with Evie, but I've been a bit more observant while home with Abbott. The comings-and-goings of residents and visitors, the antics of pets when their owners are away... or when the pets think their owners are away. (Example: Nomar, the bigger of our two dogs, climbs up in Evie's pink chair and sits like a human when he thinks no one is around. It kind of shocked me the first time I caught him, because he looked so regal and normal sitting in it. Kind of a Planet of the Apes moment... he sprang out of the chair immediately with a sheepish look on his face.)

Okay, enough of my drivel... on to the pictures!

When Abbott naps, everybody naps. Including Evie's toys.
And they ALL nap on Momma.
(Please notice they are positioned face down. Evie's trying to tell us that even she knows Abbott would prefer to sleep on his stomach!)

Dad gets in on some of that napping Abbott action.

Evie was always interactive and observant, but it seems
Abbott is already more reciprocal with his facial expressions.
He's "smiley"!

Really smiley.
You can't get too upset when this is the face
keeping you up at night.

Yes, the pregnancy pounds are just melting off.
Oh, wait... nope, they're not.
It would probably help if we stopped baking so many "test cookies" for Santa.

She likes him. A lot.

I'm printing a thousand wallet-sized copies of this and hiding them all over our house, cars, wallets, purses.. everywhere I can think of.
That way, in a few years when they are beating each other to pieces, I can whip this photo out and say

(he's just practicing his jabs for later...)
Also, for the record... daytime television still stinks. For all you soap opera fans, I have no idea how you do it. The only bright spot in all the daytime drivel has been The Chew, which is actually one of my new favorite shows to sit down and watch when our little monkeys are taking their afternoon naps.

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  1. I have no idea what The Chew is. I'm usually trying to catch up when they are napping, either on my list of things to do or watching the shows I've DVR'd. Of course, when my munchkin was as young as yours I just slept whenever, wherever! Or I read. It's hard to beat a book, particularly if you're talking about daytime tv.

    I so love the pictures of Evie and Abbott. They are so precious! And don't worry about the pounds. They'll eventually melt away...though you appear to look pretty great.