Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Because it's "Happy Valentine's Day!"

And I'm not 500 lbs. Not yet, at least. If I keep eating this way, I will be soon.

I went on a baking binge last night. "E-bie's Momma" signed up to bring cupcakes to Evie's Valentine's Day party at school.

Which meant I went overboard and made 24 red velvet and cream cheese icing cupcakes, PLUS an entire red velvet and cream cheese cake to bring into my office, AND 24 cupcake-sized rice krispie treats. Because... well, just because.

To say we have had a sugar high in our house in an understatement.

Oh, yeah. And with Dove chocolates.
Because all that sugar needed more sugar on top.

I'm very happy Valentine's Day only comes once a year.
But who are we kidding? I'd have one of these every day if possible

The tower of confections.

Not the most polished icing writing I've ever done,
but I was playing with some new Wilson icing
tips to see what would happen.
I didn't hear my coworkers complain when I brought it in!

These were Evie's Valentine's to her classmates and family. 
Yup, the idea was copied straight off of Pinterest. It was too good not to!!
The Valentine we actually gave to her classmates is in the upper right hand corner. The other pictures were just options that I thought were too good not to print, using captions that fit our little lady's personality.

Miss Priss on Valentine's Day morning.

Wearing her momma's pink bathrobe...
because, well just because she wanted to.

I'm off to crack open a bottle of the bubbly with the hubby...
because, well just because I want to. 

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!!!

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  1. Love the valentines and all of the sugar stuff looks soooo good!