Saturday, March 31, 2012


I think we can declare Old Man Winter officially gone. It has been downright summer-y around here lately!

The azaleas are poppin' around here!
But pain is beauty and beauty is pain, right?
The pollen has been KILLER this spring. Momma had a sinus infection that
kept us inside for a few days..

That's okay though... because while avoiding the pollen, we've been checking out the new gypsy tent that Momma made for Evie.
Whoa!! Flashing some plumber's crack!
That's one side effect of potty training -
the pants don't fit quite like they used to with a puffy diaper.

Double Whoa!! I see where she gets it from!
(ha... Dadda is gonna kill me when he sees this!)


I wasn't sure whether I should add a window to the side for Evie to peek out of... I love this fabric pattern, so I didn't want to cut a hole in it!

I asked Abbott's opinion on the matter, but he didn't seem to care.

As long as he's fed, warm, and can find his fist/thumb to chew,
he doesn't really care about much at all!
HAPPY boy!


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