Tuesday, March 19, 2013


What do you do when you get tired of your dirt yard?

And then when you are really tired of spending endless amounts of money on grass seed that never, ever sprouts a single blade of grass?

"Life's a garden, dig it." - Joe Dirt
When you get tired of your dirt yard, all you gotta do is leave work early
on a Friday afternoon to receive a
shipment of sod that
won't even fit through the back gate because the delivery forklift was too wide.

You then scrape and scrape and scrape the dirt, then fertilize it, then throw the sod down as neatly as possible, then you water everything like crazy...  then water yourself like crazy because you are both dehydrated and happen to be covered head-to-toe in red Georgia clay - and you would frighten the kids when you go pick them up from school while looking like the scary orange mud monster.

Halfway through!
And I was really looking like a mud monster at this point.
It's starting to get there...

Walkway Before
Walkway After

Sha-zam! We've got grass now!
And even though we don't have to buy seed anymore,
who wants to help chip in on paying the water bill to keep this stuff alive?

Because ninjas will always tell you they prefer grass over dirt.

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