Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Evie's momma finally broke down and bought a new camera!

And by broke down, I do mean snapped up a Canon Rebel XSi as fast at the credit card transaction would go through! (Yes, it's completely paid for now.)

I've really enjoyed getting the hang of photography in general and learning the different functions of the snazzy camera. I don't think I'll ever make a dime off of my photography skills (or lack thereof), but at least I'll have some lovely pictures of Evie to record the early days, months, and years of her precious life. 

We celebrated the extraordinary awesomeness* of my motherhood on Mother's Day by going to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Luckily, the weather cooperated for some beautiful photographs of Lil Miss Priss.
my awesomeness is simply defined by keeping Evie fed, clothed, alive and well so far!)

My pipe dream is to one day have enough talent to rouse a friend or family member into asking for my "services" to document a special occasion in their lives.  Till then, I'm just going to point, shoot, and document Evie's cuteness!

A confused-looking lil Burberry baby

"Hi Trot!"

Playing in the grass with Gabba-Gabba and Olivia the pig.

B- E- A- U-tiful Blue Eyed Baby!

Lil Fairie Baby!

Evie's smiles are irresistible. 
You can't NOT laugh when she starts having one of her giggle fits.

Playing in one of the fountains at the ABG. 
In Evie's eyes, this is simply the best bathtub ever.

I like to call this picture my "Sunshine Baby" -- it was such a beautiful morning to take pictures on Mother's Day at ABG.

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