Monday, May 10, 2010

Hi, Stranger

Whew, it's definitely been a while. I will quickly admit that blogging is has not been a priority of mine and I'm not the best at keeping up with this site. That being said, I've recently decided to "re-dedicate" this blog to it's original purpose: documenting the goings-on of the Yankee (Chris), the Peach (me), and the Lil Peach (Evie).  

And by documenting, I do mean pictorial documentation since I'm too lazy to type much of anything non-work related these days. Since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, please consider these photos my 7,000+ word essay:

Hello, I'm Evie.
My mommy's fantastic parenting skills include
pulling me
around in a bucket,
while wild dogs attempt to eat me for supper.

Rub a dub dub, in the tub.

Uncle Battle's guitar skills fascinate me.
And only me, so far.

Enjoying my first teething biscuit.
These things are like concrete when they dry,
so Mommy likes to give me one right before bath time.

I'm so polite and I always chew with my mouth closed.

I wait patiently for my food. Every. Single. Time.  (riiiiiight.)

let's chat!

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