Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well, after lots of suggestions and opinions... we went green.  Not too green, but green enough! 

We waited a few days before deciding, all while keeping an eye on how the grey shed looked at different times of day.  We quickly realized the grey color turned to almost bright white in Georgia's strong afternoon and evening sun.  A little too bright for us. 

The final paint choice for the shed was a greenish-grey mix that was on the National Trust Historic Paint collection palate and we thought it would work nicely. Hope you agree. =o)

(The view of the shed from our kitchen window.)
Yup, the yard is green now too... but a few months from now, the Georgia heat will probably eat all of this up.
Fingers crossed for the annual drought to be kinder to us this year. Please ignore the splotchy areas - we are trying hard to get grass to fill in!

I'll try to remember to post more pictures once we finish the trim, put the faux accent window back up, and add the small chicken coop we're building. Those are all Y&P projects for this Memorial Day weekend! 

In other green and "au naturel" news, we have a vegetable garden that is shaping up quite nicely. I came outside earlier this week to find this:

Can you tell everything about our gardening process is completely natural-
including our choice of gardening outfits?

No pesticides or additives here!

Just some good compost, sunshine, and a squirt
of water now and then will do.

A squirt of water, please Gabba!

Have you ever seen such a full moon out
in the middle of the day?!


  1. We're big on all natural here, too! Of course, I tend to stay clothed...Why is it the very things that make a toddler's bum cute are the same things we bemoan at our age? Oh well. Sigh.

    I like the shed color.