Monday, May 16, 2011


The old brown shed, she ain't what she used to be!

Our backyard shed is in need of some TLC. The previous homeowners did a great job building it themselves - and they even ran underground electricity and a phone line to it. However, the siding has faded and needs some attention.

I have often joked with Dadda that with a little air conditioning, the shed could easily be converted to our guest house one day (or kids playhouse).  In typical Dadda fashion, he laughed at my suggestion and promptly ignored any future discussion. Lesson learned: I'm not messing with a man's shed. 

Well, I'm not messing with the inside of it. The outside of it is a different subject! The shed really needed to be stained again. But I'm so tired of staining wood. It's messy, I hate the process, I never can get the wood to the right shade I want, and I've just never been good at the process and always seem to end up with splotchy spots on the wood. 

But... painting is another story! The Yankee & Peach house is not afraid of paint - as is evident by the five different colors I've painted our living room in the three years we've lived in our house.

I was initially inspired by the recent Kentucky Derby coverage and the classic clean lines of the barns and stables at Churchill Downs. The hunter green and white combination is such a pretty look and I could just see our shed painted in a dark green with white trim.

However, when the first coat of the tinted primer went on, we had a pleasant surprise. It was a nice grey shade and not very green at all. Now I'm leaning towards the grey and white look.  This is definitely more of a New England style than a Kentucky horse farm look. 

The first coat goes on... and on..  and on some more.
The old wood soaked the tinted primer right up!

So, now I'm undecided... what to do?! Finish it with a similar grey top coat or go with the original green color we wanted?

Still needs a top coat...
Pink is not an option, although Evie suggested it.

My main concern is that the grey and white shed "pops" out too much. The old brown shed kind of faded into the landscape and blended well with the trees, our azaleas, the lawn, and the brown fence. Now, the new painted shed definitely stands out! 

I couldn't find any good pictures online to convey the green color combo I'm thinking of, so this is the closet thing on a shed in a similar size to ours:

I'd probably want our shed to be a little bit darker green..
but still with white trim.

I think the grey color looks great, but I'm also still leaning towards the green paint color, to have the shed "blend" a little bit with the natural colors around it. 

What to do?
I'm throwing my hands in the air!

So... please let me know what y'all think! Yes, it's just paint... and we can easily repaint the shed if we don't end up liking the topcoat. But I would love to save time, money, muscle, and have a firm decision.

In other Y&P news, little Miss Priss officially moved to a big girl bed this weekend!!  It wasn't a traumatizing event at all - in fact, she LOVES her new bed and would probably stage a riot if we tried to move her back to a crib at this point. 

Testing out the bounce-a-bility of the new bed.

The very first morning she slept till 8 AM.
(Momma and Dadda are NOT complaining.)

A bigger bed means more room for stuffed animals!

But the "new" bed might have backfired... 
because she doesn't want to get out of it. Ever.

It took me a good 10 minutes to convince her to get up

so we could get ready for school this morning.

Well, since Evie has decided she LOVES her big girl bed, now it's up to Momma to decided what paint color she LOVES. 

Ah, the little quandaries of life. Your opinion is appreciated! =o)  

Have a great week, y'all. 


  1. I vote green! I agree it would blend in more and I love that color green! :) Love y'all and still amazed by the easy transition to big girl bed...I hope ours is that easy!

  2. I think the green will definitely blend better, especially with that big tree behind it. The grey does sorta stick out. But if you want the shed to scream "Hey! I'm a shed!" I'd say stick with the grey. ;-)

  3. So so cute! We bought the convertible cribs (crib, toddler bed, full size bed). I'm still stalling on turning Jordan's into a big people bed. Her room isn't very big and I hate to take away her floor space since she plays in her room all the time. In fact, anyone who walks in our door is subject to being pestered with, "Hey, you wanna play in my woom?" She's now taken to offering to let Chase's coworkers come play. You know, maybe it would be better to eliminate the room play after all...

    I wish you luck with the painting-I'm going to guess you'll choose green:)