Monday, October 17, 2011


Sorry for the extended absence. No, we're not a family of four yet - Baby Boy is still nice and snuggly inside his momma's tummy. We've just had a flurry of activity going on around here and blogging got pushed aside. 

We had a very important birthday in our house (Evie turned TWO!), and we also have had lots of work projects to finish up before maternity leave, Georgia Tech's tailgate (for what was probably the last game we'll make it to this year!), Nana and Pop coming to visit from Rhode Island, and we've been trying to tie up some loose ends and finish up appointments while the clock ticks down towards our little man getting here.

Because Evie's birthday landed on a weekday, our little lady ended up having a week long celebration for "E-bie's HAPPY Day!"... her birthday was on October 6th, which also happens to be the same day as the Y&P's wedding anniversary. 

I have yet to make it through all the pictures on my camera from the first half of this month, but these few are from our trip down to Mountville, where Miss Priss had some one-on-one time with Cocoa, the miniature pony.


We also took some pictures with Gabba Gabba that (might?) turn into a Christmas card for them. Hopefully, I'm not giving a surprise away, but even with weird and speckled lighting, horses who didn't want to look towards the camera, and silly faces from Gabba, I think some of the pictures came out okay.

Gabba has plenty of pictures to choose from, but these were some of my favorites:

We also watched Uncle Battle try out the new zip line. When it came time for her turn,  Evie hung on for a few (assisted!) seconds, but I think the zip line is an activity we are still a few years away from getting the 'hang' of!

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease...
MY turn!

I'll just watch the crazies go down
the line from here, Grandaddy.

And last, but definitely not least, below is a picture of the Baby Boy.  We took Evie to "see" her baby brother this past weekend. I found a good deal on a last minute 3D/4D ultrasound appointment and we decided it would be neat for Evie to see pictures of her baby brother.  (Just for her to confirm that there is really something in there!!)

I was well past the "optimal" window for the ultrasound to be done. He's really too big now to get good pictures of, but they were able to capture a few of our little man...

I'm trying to sleep here! Leave me alone, people!

Other than freaking out the first few minutes because she didn't like the ultrasound tech touching Momma's stomach, Evie was interested in baby brother for about a minute and then wanted to watch Elmo videos on Dadda's phone. 

Oh, well... I guess a dis-interested big sister is better than a resentful big sister, right?

We're still hoping for a loveable big sister by the time he gets here!

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