Friday, November 11, 2011


He's here!!!

Abbott Wells joined our family at 1:33 PM on Friday, November 4th.

Abbott shares his birthday with his great-grandfather,
Lt. Col. James W. Boddie
(Katie's grandfather)

"Evie hold him!" has become a frequent statement
around our house this past week.

No, she's not trying to smother him... She's sharing her special blanket with him!
Not just anybody gets to touch the blanket...

He's awesome! Can I keep him?!

We've spent the past few days getting to know each other. Abbott is a very calm and chill baby, which helps Momma's recovery process a lot! He's the first thing Evie asks to see when she wakes up in the morning.

Below are a few pictures I've taken during Abbott's first week with us. Just feast your eyes on this adorable bundle of snuggles...

A very late night/early morning at the hospital with Momma.

Hi, I know you.
Ready to come home!

Mom, seriously. You're making me go cross-eyed
from all the picture taking!

Abbott and his daddy's GT letterman's jacket.

Soaking up the sunshine on Momma and Dadda's bed.

And of course we can't forget our other new family member.
Introducing: Evie the Shark!

She's worn this shark hat for a few days now and even wore it into her class at school yesterday. She roared/growled (like a shark?!) at her classmates and pretended to swim around.

She's a happy shark.
  No shark bites to report so far. (thankfully)

Now, it's time  for me to go snuggle with our new addition. I hear him yelling my name!


  1. Yay Congrats Katie! So happy for you! :)

  2. He's so beautiful! It makes me want another one, except for the sleeplessness and crying and so on that we so quickly manage to forget about!

    The ones of Evie with him are so precious. I remember when Jordan first met Connor; she cried because she thought we were leaving him behind. She also wanted to hold him constantly, for like 8 seconds at a time. And when she was done, she was done! I have lots of videos of them at that stage which I am super thankful for. Part of what I love is how she pronounced his name and said "Baby Brudder."

    Btw, totally love your bedding!

    Keep the pictures coming:) And don't forget to sleep.

  3. Love him! He is adorable and I know Evie is just eating him up. Your pictures are amazing! Mary Beth kept saying "that's my brother" in all of the pictures. She thinks any newborn is her baby. So funny!