Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I'm sure you'll be very happy to know that the Float #23, entitled the "Original Tea Party Story" and sponsored by the Meriwether Historical Society, won THIRD prize in the Sweet Land O' Liberty Parade today. 

It 'twas a taxing event!

Thanks to some ingenuity and mad engineering skills on the
part of Gabba Gabba and GrandDandy,
this ordinary canoe turned into a sassy little replica
of the 1773 mini-rebellion. Take that, Parliament!

Uncle B got to pull the boat for the whole parade route.
He looks so pleased to be assigned this task, doesn't he?
(He had a serious upper body work out today!
Be sure to tell him his arms look HUGE the next time you see him!)

Our Colonists-masquerading-as-Indians happened to also
have a collapsible light saber in their arsenal.
I think we intimidated the judges a bit. 
Eh, maybe.

Can you believe we were initially told by a (possibly well meaning) parade official that our float wouldn't be allowed in the parade because we weren't allowed to make political statements? Umm... Seriously?!
Public concern about being "P.C." has gotten WAY out of control for my tastes!  O
ur parade float was a handful of 2-to-12 year olds  trying to recreate a historical event!
And isn't INDEPENDENCE DAY a massive political statement in and of itself?!
Can I get an AMEN on that one?!
Here's a political statement for ya! HA!
Either way, I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day. 

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