Monday, September 24, 2012


My friend Amanda finally had her sweet baby boy last week.  Baby Alex is the cutest little fellow and he has a head full of dark hair just like his momma. I got to see him just a few hours after he came into this world and hearing his little bitty newborn cry made me instantly replay both of my babies' births in my mind.

And, sadly, every time one of my friends has a successful delivery, I feel a twinge of regret/jealousy/sorrow/guilt and throw-a-mini-pity-party when I think about having to have both of my kiddos by c-section. I wish I could have avoided the surgeries -  and although I recovered pretty well from both deliveries, I am quick to be an advocate for natural birth.

But then I go home and I see this guy peeking at me...

And I see his 10 month old head popping out of a 3T coonskin cap.
If you're bad at math and kid size charts, let me explain:
This hat is meant for kids three times his age.
And his big ol' noggin doesn't come close to fitting in it.

"Hey, don't make fun of my big melon.
It means I have lots of brains in there!"

Yup, I'm glad I took my doctor's advice.

(He's a cutie, isn't he?) 


  1. Love it. Your kids have your killer eyes! Seriously! :) We have big headed babies too :) They are the best kind!

  2. Your quirky perspective on everything never fails to cause amusement. I'm sorry that you didn't have the movie scene delivery, but it's not much fun to have your munchkin 'vacuumed' out either. And there are lots of pros to a C-section, most of which are inappropriate to mention here...
    Connor has a nice big head as well. He's somewhere in the upper 90's (percentile-wise) while his other numbers are a nice boring 50. Just a little forewarning: the big noggin and all the smarts may just come with unexpected amounts of stubbornness. Seriously, it has put Jordan to shame.