Sunday, August 8, 2010


On Saturday, the Yankee, Peach, and little Peach made our way over to a Tech alumni/old friends' house for a birthday party in honor of their adorable 2 -year old son.  Although it was a HOT day here in the ATL, our friends threw a great party - complete with a huge inflatable bouncy slide, that also happened to have water sprayer capabilities. The kids loved it! 

(Note to self: We are SOOO renting one of those for one of Evie's future birthdays...  heck, maybe even for the adults' birthdays... better yet, renting it for the entire summer sounds good.)

Dadda got Momma Peach a new camera lens for her upcoming birthday (and Momma Peach begged and pleaded to open it early), so Momma Peach took the opportunity to try it out at the birthday party. Although she's pretty sure she looked like stalker-paparazzi taking so many pictures at the party, Momma Peach did learn a few things to do and NOT to do with her new camera lens.

Evie hit it off big time with the birthday boy - even in the midst of his celebration, he was very attentive towards her-  and shall we say even a bit flirty? (Ahh... young love.)

This handsome lil birthday boy was
Evie's love interest for the day.

Evie wasn't the youngest at the party, but she wasn't old enough to  "fit in" with the big kid crowd, although she tried her hardest...

If I can reach it, I can do it!
When I get older, I'm gonna dress just like you.
Oh, wait, I already do!

He has a Thomas the Tank and a John Deere truck?
I love this guy!

After stuffing ourselves with cake and ice cream, the Yankee and Peach family sauntered home in order for Evie to show us just what else she learned from the older kids that day....

I have figured out how to OPEN the
cabinets! Victory is mine!
Hmmm... what's in here? Plastic baggies?
Excellent chewing/choking material!

More importantly, this newly learned
cabinet-opening skill means

she now has the ability to open the wine fridge.

But hey, she's got good taste,
so who am I to complain?

The bottle-opening skills come later in life.

Hey mom! You're late to the party!
But I saved you a bottle - let me just get it for you...

Hey neighbors! Come on over,
we're having a party! Drinks are on me!

Evie also decided to teach Mamma Peach the
alphabet by playing with refrigerator magnets.

Dad, she is just not getting it.  I don't get paid
enough to work
with amateurs
like this lady. Is she really my mom?

Yup, Momma Peach and Baby Peach are
definitely related. 
The similarities
in the way they eat are amazing...

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