Monday, August 2, 2010

DISCERNING TASTES - Pearls, Pillows, and Peaches

Our little Peach has certainly developed her personality over the past month. Her repertoire of facial expressions has grown exponentially and the new variety of "squawks" and "guttural sounds" she emits while playing with her toys has her parents constantly falling into fits of laughter along with her.  Evie has recently started showing a very particular preference for specific toys, people, blankets, and other items in her daily life. Luckily, she doesn't show such discrimination towards the food we give her - she still likes it ALL!

It's amusing to talk with friends who have children of their own and hear them describe their little ones' personalities. A friend recently mentioned her son was "all boy" in everything he does - while another friend mentioned her daughter was already showing signs of being a "high maintenance girly-girl."

Although it's probably too early to tell, I can't figure out if Evie will be a girly-girl or a tomboy. Or maybe a delightful mix of both!

I managed to capture Evie while she was playing in her "ladylike" state of mind the other day and just wanted to share a few of the pictures...

Ready for my sorority composite picture, mama!
Pearls do look good on me!
Hamming it up and striking a
Material-Girl-performance-pose in her jewels

Oh, dear.
This jewelry fascination is starting to get expensive

She even holds the jewelry bag with her little pinky up! Such a lady!
Learning the Rosary at a young age.
This will come in handy, since she will be in a
nunnery till she's 35, according to her father

Pondering the Mysteries of the Rosary.
Or maybe just trying to figure out if
she can fit the cross into her mouth

Already reading Martha Stewart Living and
Architectural Digest.
I believe that's also a Field & Stream and
a J. Peterman catalogue underneath as well. 
A well-rounded education is so very important.

Ditching the pearls to wear an Indiana Jones fedora.
There's the Evie we know and love!

In other Evie news, you may remember an earlier blog about Momma Peach recovering Evie's little rocking chair with some fun new fabric she found. (If memory fails, you can view it HERE)   

Evie in her newly recovered rocking chair.

Grandmumsy Neal recently found some matching pillows in the same pattern and generously donated the pillows to the "Yankee & Peach Home Decoration Cause."  Since this meant new pillows for the couch, we had two old pillows to recycle however we wanted.  

Never one to throw away a potential upgrade, Momma Peach decided to finally do something with the adorable Winnie-the-Pooh fabric that has been sitting folded in the corner of the guest room for the last year.  So she made new pillow covers....

Evie had a tough time deciding which pillow she liked better.

Hmm.... this one matches my rocking chair and is pretty awesome.

But Pooh is pretty awesome too. Decisions, decisions.

This decision calls for a hands-on approach.


Along with the new pillows, Grandmumsy Neal sent up a box of peaches from Carroll Farms, which happens to be Momma Peach's high school summer job alma mater.  Evie immediately determined that THESE are the peaches for her. She must have gobbled up two whole peaches all by herself! (and these are not the usual hard-as-a-rock-baseball-sized-peaches you find in the grocery store. These are softball-sized whoppers.)

Best peaches in the world. Hands down.


  1. I love the pearls! She has great taste, just like her momma! Where did you get the Pooh fabric? Would it work for a lampshade?

  2. Hi Anonymous! =o) The Pooh fabric came from my mom, so I will have to pick her brain to find out exactly where. I have about a yard and a half left over - so any ideas on what to do with it? It's kind of thin, but could potentially be a lampshade like you suggest. WE both love to go to Lewis & Sharon and Forsyth Fabric in downtown ATL, but I do find a lot of odds and ends on sale at Joann's as well.