Sunday, August 29, 2010


The Yankee & Peach household has been a flurry of activity and noise in the last few days.    And I won't even give you the slightest hint as to what is going on - since my better half is actually in India till Tuesday and doesn't even know the half of it! Actually, he doesn't know about ANY of it! (Sneaky Momma Peach!!!)  I won't go into details just yet, as I'd rather show pictures of the final product when the job is DONE. It's all a surprise to him.

I will say the final product will make both Momma Peach and the Yankee VERY HAPPY when the work is completed.  Till I can break my silence and show you the pictures of what I have come to call "Project Mayhem" (Fight Club reference? Anyone, anyone?), you'll have to make do with some of these pictures I recently took off my camera:

Dadda and Baby Peach at the Mountville cabin window.
Momma Peach has been playing with silhouettes
and *trying* to learn how to shoot pictures
in a variety of lighting.

Baby Peach trying to escape.
Once she's able to reach
a doorknob, I have a feeling she's outta here.

So very pleased with herself for taking
over the dog bed. Again.

I'm so glad our pups humor her.

Modeling a scarf.
That she decided to drag around the house for an hour.
  Hey, a toy is a toy!

Trot modeling the same scarf.
He is not pleased.
  I'm so glad our pups humor me.

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  1. Trot's scarf complements his complexion! Don't you love the creativity of babies?