Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Momma, Baby, Dadda and the pups made a trip to the Neal grandparents on Friday evening... and stayed and played the whole weekend.

Momma + Baby were the ones who actually played, while Dadda hunted. He didn't kill anything, but we think "hunting" was his excuse to go for a walk in the pretty woods early in the morning, take a nap in the hunting blind, all while saying he was "looking for deer." (That's our theory anyways.)

We played with lots of goats, horses (big and small!), kitty cats, doggies, swung on rope swings, rode on four-wheelers, played in waterfalls, and did all kinds of fun stuff.  If only every weekend could be like this one!

When can we do it again?
One of the pygmy goats

Our contortionist under the bed, chasing those frisky kittens

You gonna eat that?

"Angelina Goat-ie" and friends.

The Pied Piper and her new acquisitions... mini horses!

Just my size, Gabba Gabba!

Hello, new friend

BLUE boy!

Swinging Monkey!

Showing off her new molars...
or just acting like a baboon.

Saturday night we helped Gabba-Gabba host an Octoberfest celebration at the Boddie Range in Mountville - and of course we just had to dress up for the occasion.
A Frau and Frauline all dressed up

Miss Priss had a big helping of sausages, breads and cheeses, German potatoes and sauerkraut. Can you believe she ate (and actually liked!) every bit of it?

Many of the Octoberfest party-goers mentioned to me that they love looking at pictures of Evie on Facebook and on this blog. I was so glad to hear it, as I'm probably a bit overzealous in the picture posting of Evie.

Evie has had no less than a million pictures taken of her by now. It's very nice to know you guys like it! (Either that, or you were humoring me by saying so.)

Both of the girls sported pigtails for the event

Evie and her dadda

It's a German tradition to make the youngest party-goer drink an entire yard of beer.
(it was just a little bit of water, y'all, I promise!)

Back off you guys, this is MY chair!

We also took Evie to her very first pumpkin patch. The Greenville UMC is holding their "Family Fun Days" throughout the month of October and we decided to go check it out!

It was hard work picking out the PERFECT pumpkin to take home, but I think we got some good ones.


Our little pop-up prairie dog pumpkin picker

Like mother, like daughter... wow, such ladylike poses!

We are now the proud owners of the pinkest,
wartiest, bumpiest, quite possibly the ugliest-in-a-good-way
pumpkin in the whole patch!

OOH  Oh oh!  I can spot the best
pumpkin from up here!

On Sunday night we took the little lady to a dinner hosted by the intrepid-and-always-so-interesting Dr. David Allen.

Dr. Allen is an avid hunter and his country house has a remarkable display of creatures from all over the world - with some of the most impressive being from the African continent. Evie loved it!

Can I pet it?!

Evie got to see the world's 5th largest African Cape water buffalo ever shot!   He was  quite a beast.

We even got to have dinner with Georgia's
next governor,
Mr. Nathan Deal

It was all going just peachy - at least until Miss Priss decided that she was hungry and only the food on Mr. Deal's plate would do for her.

Sorry about that, Guv'nor! Mind if my child takes a bite out of your dinner?
And we'll be heading to the children's section now...

That's okay. She's still a supporter.


  1. Thanks, Alice! We also found what some people call a "turban pumpkin" that were really funny looking too - here's a pic: http://dwpicture.com.au/photos/9969b.jpg
    (My mom calls them baboon butts - because that's what they look like upside down! =o)