Monday, October 11, 2010


Every time I download the recent videos we've taken of Evie, I realize how cringe-worthy my "babytalk" is.  I could cover up our ridiculous banter with a soundtrack of some music, but you would miss out on all the fun stuff and "words" she says in response.  

Oh, well. I'll get over my embarrassment - as long as you don't hold my high-pitched vocal inflections against me. If Evie ever manages to speak proper English, it won't be as a result of Momma Peach's nauseating baby-talk efforts. 

Case in point: below are a few "mommy-talks-too-loud-again" videos of Miss Priss in the past month or so:

The Princess Awakes from Her Afternoon Slumber and asks for Dadda ("Dadda" is also known as "Trot"):

Uncle Battle babysits Evie while Momma cooks dinner. What's wrong with a few drinks before dinner?

Evie shows off her motorboat skills (yes, those sounds are coming from her mouth), as she plays with her two favorite things:
Tennis balls and her doggies.

Our little speedracer. (or "speedcrawler"):

"Just give me the dang "boon," guys! Come on!" After having a few balloons at her birthday party, Miss Priss knows exactly the one she wants and is not afraid to request a "boon" when she sees one!  

This brings her comprehensive word count to a total of EIGHT understandable communications:   Momma, Dadda, Bye-Bye, "ba"  for bottle,  Gabba-Gabba and Nana are her grandmothers' names she knows, "Muh" for more , and now "booooon" for balloon. We could lump "no" in there, but she is currently shaking her head for "No" (we haven't technically heard a solid "no" vocalized yet), and she definitely knows what  it means when we say it!

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