Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The basement is DONE! Technically, it's been finished for a few weeks now, but we've finally put a bit of furniture in it and have been lounging around in it on a daily basis.  It's so nice to have that space usable again. If you've forgotten how it all came about, you can read about "Project Mayhem" by clicking HERE.

For those of you who haven't seen it in person yet, here's some before and after photos:
Small Room Before

Small Room After
(with Dadda's kegerator functioning too!)

Big Room Before

Big Room - Mid Process

Big Room DONE!

Big Room
(still a few things to put up and arrange, but you get the idea!)

Mamma Peach's personal favorite: the wine cellar!

Mmmm.... vino!
The wall to the interior right has a standing wine rack as well, but I couldn't get it all in the shot!
We've been very slow to add furniture and permanent seating to the area, other than the red couch, which we knew would go in the bigger room. We're still searching for pieces that would fit and be functional in the space - and also very comfortable. 

Eventually, our old piano will reside in the smaller room, against the exterior wall.  We haven't put the piano back in the smaller room, as it is conveniently "enclosed" in the basement shop area that is unfinished. 

Funny story about that - the piano actually doesn't fit through the finished door. Yup, we finished the basement, and realized the doorway is approximately 1 inch too small for the piano to roll back through. (DUH!)  Thanks for measuring it prior to the construction and saying it would fit through just fine, Uncle Battle! I think Uncle Battle is getting a new tape measure for his Christmas present. Until we can tip the piano and roll it through on it's side, it will live in the shop area. We sure aren't knocking out that doorway again.  If we had to "up and move" any time soon for any reason, it looks like the next owners of the house will be receiving a piano along with their purchase!
Mamma Peach likes to watch Little Miss Priss make her way around the floor of the bigger basement room - Evie loves the hard/smoothness of the concrete floor and will put on quite the show when pushing her baby carriage that she recently received as a birthday present from her "Aunt Carrie." 

It's been so much fun getting to "know" this area of our house again. If you're in the neighborhood, please consider yourself invited to drop in for a beer or glass of wine  - or just to hang out!

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