Tuesday, March 8, 2011


When Evie was in her itty-bitty newborn stage, one of our nicknames for her was the "Angry Little Elf."   The moniker typically applied when she was hungry and letting out her newborn wail for food. 

Once sated with milk, she would phase from the "Angry Little Elf" to a happy baby whose tummy was stuffed full.  Soon enough, the "Angry Little Elf" would be more aptly described as a "Milk Drunk" newborn (who looked something like a peaceful, drooling, sleepy, bald and toothless old man).
The "Angry Little Elf" nickname came from a line in Will Ferrell's movie "Elf" - and if you haven't seen it, we definitely recommend it for a few chuckles and a little bit of holiday cheer. It's not a movie on the Y&P "all-time favorite" list, but it will amuse you for a few hours.  Plus, Will Ferrell in a big green elf suit is pretty humorous on its own.

"You have no idea what these tights are doing for my circulation right now."
The angry little elf showed herself this morning at school.  Evie was hungry and had some Cheerios in front of her when a little boy tried to come over to snitch a few from her stash.  

She gave him the "Oh... H*LL NO!" face, grabbed her Cheerios, and proceeded to throw the stiff-arm Heisman move and knock him to the floor.

"What? I was just protecting my Cheerios!"
Addisyn and Elizabeth look on in disbelief
(or maybe a little bit of awe at Evie defeating the notorious Cheerio burglar?),
while the poor victim is in the back being comforted by the teacher.

Protecting footballs and Cheerios since 1935.

Although Evie has about a 50% success rate at politely sharing her toys, she has an absolute 100% not-gonna-happen outcome when asked to share her food.

Both the teachers and I immediately explained we "don't hit" and tried to teach Evie to tell him "NO" if he attempts to take her food. Hmmmm... do you think the lesson was learned? 

I'm not sure at this point - but I will say the little fellow might think twice before trying to grab this Angry Little Elf's food again.  He may lose a finger next time.

I've got my eye on you, kid.

Guess it's time to teach her... 


  1. I didn't even know you had a blog girl but I love it! I've added you to my "reading list" :) XO

  2. Funny, funny. Sharing seems to be one of the most difficult lessons to teach. I have the opposite problem with Connor-he wants to share all of his food with the dog. He then uses the same hand the dog slobbered all over to stuff more food in his own mouth. It's a lovely process.

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  4. Oh my gosh, I am rolling on the floor laughing. What is it with kids and food? Hope Evie learns and is sweet with the boys.