Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Prepare your retinas and hang on to your eyeballs, there's a lot of pictures about to come at ya.

This past Saturday was Evie's Grandaddy's birthday.  We traveled down to Troup County to celebrate... and also stuff Grandaddy full of chocolate cake.

Evie was in charge of sprinkling the chocolate chips (and eating a few) -
which meant she can claim to have "decorated" the cake for Grandaddy.
We decided that 57 candles might be a fire hazard,
Roman Numeral candles was the way to go.

Come on out, doggie. I'll give you some chocolate cake!

No chocolate cake for you guys! Just carrots...

Puppy! This is already really hard to do
- and you jumping on me is not making it easier!

Uncle Battle!

Grandaddy's birthday present was as big as a truck --
a truckload of sand, to be exact.

The sand is to be spread around the new horse arena he built.

Evie will be sad to see the mountain of sand go, but she'll have a huge sandbox to play in once it's spread around!

Time to dismount- sliiiiiiide down, little lady!

Future gymnast/balance beam walker?

Best buds.

Puppy can't hold his licker.

All that sand meant it was bath time!
Cannon ball!

Don't ya just hate it when you try to drink and
all your drink runs out all the holes in bottom of your cup?

Where's it all going?
I scoop and scoop and it just runs right out!

After we got all cleaned up, we went to visit with friends and eat a
"Wild Game dinner" at Greenville High School.

Hello, Mr. Buck. Are we eating you tonight?

Forgoing the deer meat, she decided to high-jack
the banana pudding dessert cart instead.

Juicing oranges with Gabba Gabba the next morning.

Nothing like going on a mule ride after breakfast!

Move over, Grandaddy! My turn to drive!

Helping Gabba Gabba gather sticks for a bonfire.

Look what I have created!

Come on, Dad, where's the s'mores?



  1. Great pictures! Winston looks like he had his happiest birthday and his best gift was having you all there--especially Evie. I can tell she's the apple of his eye!

  2. This looks like such fun! They both look so happy. I can imagine she'll miss the sand pile, but I wouldn't miss the continual trail of sand...That's one reason I won't get a sandbox for the kids-I'm too lazy to clean up after it.

    Cute tush!