Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We're in the process of letting Evie's bangs grow out. 

Why? I have no idea, just seemed like a good idea. Plus, her Dadda doesn't really like her bangs, so he suggested we let them grow out.

So far, Evie has handled it like a trooper. But, it's a delicate procedure for us parents - trying to keep the frontal hair daggers from attacking her eyes, while also keeping the rear mullet growth in check without the temptation of just snipping the bangs in front at the same time. 

Not that there is anything wrong with a good mullet, ya know.

Gabba Gabba came to visit last Friday evening, which allowed Momma and Dadda a dinner out to celebrate Momma's birthday. We lasted a pitiful 2.5 hours out. Stuffed our stomachs full of delicious food, discussed name options for the Little Lion Man (narrowed the list down from 250 to about 20 options),  and came home in time to kiss Evie goodnight and crawl in bed ourselves. Ahhh... parenthood.

While we were out, Gabba and Evie came up with a terrific hairdo to keep the bangs in check:
Ya like it?!

What? Too much color for ya?

How many of these things are up there?

Sadly, Evie can't wear these hair clips to school, since some of the younger kiddos in her class have a tendency to try to snack on them.

But that's okay, because she's spending more and more time "visiting" the older kids in the next classroom. Her teacher thinks she's ready for the move-up to the next class, which means...... more potty practice! 

I come bearing gifts.
Not much, but it's the best I could do!

We're so very proud.

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  1. Love the bangs solution and her eyes are unbelievably gorgeous! We are going to start full-time potty training soon too, wish us luck!