Friday, August 5, 2011


Whew. It's been a pretty long week for us here at the Y&P house, but I'm sure we're not the only ones who are ready for the weekend to come.

Time to shed the work clothes and put on the play clothes for a while!

I can see the weekend from here - it's just around the corner!


A few things on our weekend list of 'to-do'...

-Homemade chocolate chip cookies with my little sous chef (or would that be "baker's apprentice?")
(Got the ingredients, just been procrastinating in making them!)
-Catch some of the final episodes of Shark Week on TV.
(you know it's awesome. as long as you're not at the beach while watching.)
-Birthday party for our little buddy Owen, who's turning 3!
(Evie has pointed out his invitation posted on the fridge every day since we received it)
-Massive amount of weeding in the flower beds and garden
(fingers crossed for no heat advisories so pregnant momma doesn't pass out? Dadda is in charge of all the grass mowing, but as he says "I don't do weeds. I don't know what to pull. It's all green to me." I've added a few new plants to our flower garden that he may not recognize, so he's got a good point... if I want my new plantings to survive!)
-Clean the chicken coop and add new bedding and pine chips(Evie is a big help. She plays in the chicken run and feeds the ladies entirely too many snacks while Momma cleans it out.)
-Spread the old bedding into the flower beds/garden

(The tomato plants LOVE the chicken coop remnants... hello, natural nitrogen fertilizer!)
-Fix up my old art easel that Gabba Gabba gave me for Evie to use
(Dadda will cut a few small pieces of wood for me to add for shelving and I'll probably put a fresh coat of paint on the whole thing)
-Homemade ice cream with Miss Priss
(I have a feeling there will be strawberries involved.)
-Possibly paint our front door. (It's in need of help and I've been wanting to paint it since we moved in four years ago. Hmmm... this may have to wait till we have cooler weather.)
-Hit the local water park. (Because it's too dang hot not to!)
-Keep the door to the office closed till next week. (Not even going to think about organizing that mayhem right now.)

Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! another reason for it being a fabulous Friday is that it's my brothers birthday! Good luck with everything! I will be sitting around doing summer reading (a whole lot of it) , playing with my new iPad 2! and possibly doing something artsy... I will be blogging soon!