Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Our two year old has homework.  Seriously. HOMEWORK.

I thought take-home assignments started at the 4 or 5-year old age range.  Nope, I was wrong. 

Bright Magic Markers make homework fun. 
I've started employing this tactic in my office work too.
Makes me happy.  Not really sure what my coworkers think.
Oh well.
Obviously, her homework isn't exactly applied mathematics or 3-D physics projects or anything incredibly perplexing. But she is now responsible for bringing home legitimate-for-REALZ-honest-to-goodness-hard-copy-paper-assignments that must be turned in to her teacher.

She gets a folder every Monday with assignments in it.  She/we are supposed to work on them and return the completed assignments the next Monday.

So far the hardest part has been us (the parents) having to remember to actually put her completed work back in her book bag.  There are some very important things I can count on our two year old to remember... but remembering to put her homework in her book bag on Sunday night is not one of them.


I can do this, dad. I know I'm supposed to circle ten of them.
But I'm going to do this my own way and make it pretty and very colorful in the process.

Her dad and I have been helpful , but mostly hands-off in the process:  We give her the sheets, read the directions to her, let her do the work, and then sit back and watch while supplying a little bit of guidance along the way.

And by "hands-off," I mean that we are doing a good job at resisting the urge to grab a crayon/marker/pencil and doing it ourselves after repeating for the 200th time, "Draw a straight line to the green dragon holding the square shape, not the pink dragon holding the rectangle shape."

She's TWO!! She's not going to draw a line towards the green dragon; she's going to draw a line towards the pink dragon because she happens to like PINK a lot better and the pink dragon has a cool set of wings and the lime green dragon is kinda sad looking.

And I know that she knows the difference between a square and a rectangle.  

Just last week she informed me that her waffle was an octagon.  In my early morning pre-coffee stupor,  I stared blearily down at our plates and realized that yes, the waffles were in fact octagon-shaped instead of the typical round or square variety we usually purchase or make in the waffle iron. 

Every time she takes off in her own direction, I have a flashback to one of my favorite car ads from the 90's:

A little bit here, a little bit there. And... PERFECT!
Jackson Pollock ain't got nothing on this.

Looks good to me!

Abbott has homework too.
His assignment is to learn to eat solid food.

No problem with solid foods here.

Homework? What's that?

Is it like aerobics?
Because I like aerobics!
LEAN to the LEFT!

Now stretch... and lunge.
And swing your arms!

And now, for your final move...
lock your legs nice and tight
and then drool a little bit!

There ya go!
Workout complete!

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