Friday, July 9, 2010


Miss Prissy Pants had her 9-month checkup this morning. Aside from screaming like a banshee when the nurse administered a Hep-B vaccination, Evie was fairly well-behaved for a teething, grumpy, tired still-an-infant-but-almost-a-toddler baby girl. We did confirm with the pediatrician that not two, not four, but actually six teeth are coming in on top. Three teeth have fully broken through the skin thus far, but there are a few more who have decided to choose now as the opportune time to make their painful entry into Evie's life. The good news is, all of them are coming in at once, so hopefully it will be a short trip!

Entertaining herself outside the doctor's office while we waited for her check-up. (The Yankee and Peach were early and they didn't let us in. Apparently, we do not have VIP status with Gwinnett Pediatrics!)

Her bodily stats: Our little peach is in the 95th percentile for height, 35% weight, and a 90% head circumference. So that means although she may be physically built like a tall and lanky runway model with a big head, she still walks like a drunken sailor!

We left the exam table covered in confetti, as Evie loves to crunch, rip, shred, and generally destroy the sanitary liner that is pulled over the exam table prior to each patient's visit.  Although we were worried about the extent of her destruction, we're pretty sure the pediatrician's staff is accustomed to cleaning up much worse, considering the age of their usual clientele!
In other news, some of you may remember that we found an adorable antique rocking chair and purchased it while Momma Peach was still pregnant with Evie. Momma Peach cleaned it up, but she never bothered to reupholster it (time ran out and a baby came!). We even took some pictures of Evie sitting in it back during the month of April when she first learned to independently sit up:

I'm a rocker chick!
(Get it? .. Rocker/Rocker? It's a rocker?
*crickets chirping* Yeah, lame joke.)

"But, Mom, I'm not a boy. BLUE is not my color!"

Taking Evie's advice, Momma Peach found some fabric that she fell in love with and grabbed while on sale  - and decided to use it on the chair. It came out quite lovely, if I do say so myself. 

And how perfectly ironic that the stars would align so that Miss Evie would be wearing a sailor outfit that matched the chair when the it was in blue-  and she just happened to be wearing green when we put it back together after the re-upholstery job!
Here's the finished product:

No worries, this is not becoming an interior design blog.  This one picture is to show Mumsy Neal that the pattern of the two pieces DOES in fact line up.
Hmmm... I'm not sure about the new look yet.

Let me think on it a little while.
I've got to test it out.

Yeah, it's growin' on me.

"Let me just sit back and have a drink."
(Momma Peach is not scared of potential spills,
as she smartly purchased outdoor fabric for the new upholstery)

Oh, yeah, this thing is awesome!

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