Monday, September 13, 2010


Little Miss Priss has been feeding herself finger foods by picking them up for a while now. However, we've recently introduced utensils as a regular part of her dinner time ... all the more fun!

Just scoop it and slurp it. Right, mom?!

I've got it under control!

Scoop, scoop, scoop. Here it goes, down in my belly.
(Ron Burgundy would be proud.)

It goes down much faster if I
just gulp it straight out of the jar.

Mmmmm... yum yum.

More, please!
Okay, this is getting to be a bit too much
like a Linda-Blair-in-the-Exorcist moment

Fine, I'll try the spoon again!

Num num num nuuuuuuummm

I like doing it myself, Mom!


  1. Ooh, I'm not looking forward to that messy phase again...

    She's so completely adorable!

  2. You mean there is a clean stage involved somewhere? It's all been a messy phase so far! =o)
    I've given up on trying to feed her in a bib-- she has learned to pull it off and has almost choked herself yanking at bibs with a secure snap in order to get them off. She HATES them with a passion. These days, she's more often dining in a diaper, and JUST a diaper!