Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Momma Peach has slowly returned to the land of the living from her sinus yuck of last week and no longer resembles a scary zombie (well, most of the time). Dadda returned from his business trip to Las Vegas to find two very tired girls, but both of whom were very happy to see him. 

Miss Priss and her parents have been loving the cool weather that the recent rain brought to Georgia - so we've been playing a good bit outside in the early evenings: 

By "play" outside, Evie really just
likes to ROCK outside!

Motorboat, Motorboat...
BBBbbbb... BBBBbbbb...

Her new favorite sound to make!

Good try, Mom, but moving me under this tree is
not going to get me out of my chair.

In fact, I'll just suck my thumb
and get even cozier in this position

Just chillin'....

Little lady is quite fascinated by climbing into
anything and everything that can be a potential sled.
(that's the new englander coming out in her!)

Yup, that is a bare-bottomed baby booty in a basket!!

"It's bath time, you guys!
Follow me, I'll lead the way!"

(please note the fabulous pink toenail polish)

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  1. Too cute! Connor has discover that he can blow bubbles, and he now blows bubbles all the time-spit bubbles, milk bubbles, sweet potato bubbles...

    How'd you get her to be still long enough to paint her toes?