Thursday, September 23, 2010


Momma Peach was slightly under the weather this week (uughh... sinus infection/flu!). It was especially tough since The Most Interesting Man in the World was out of town on a business trip and wasn't around to baby the two babies in the household. 

Because Momma Peach's head felt like it might have exploded at any moment, she decided to call in reinforcements to help with Evie.  Gabba Gabba answered the call and came to play with Evie while Momma Peach recuperated and stayed home from work on Tuesday.

After wallowing on the couch and struggling to push down liquids through a sore throat, Momma Peach's spirits were lifted when she trudged outside and saw this:

Hi Momma! Nothing to see here!

Naked Baby? What naked baby? Nope, not me! 

Hmmm... I'll help you look for that naked baby.
That baby is obviously not in this wagon!

On another note, the Yankee and Peach household is MORE than ready for Fall 2010!

Yesterday (Wednesday) was officially the last day of summer and we welcomed in the beginning of Autumn at 11:09 PM last night, according to local meteorologist-and-general-know-it-all Glenn Burns.  

Although this so called "Autumn" hasn't really put a damper on the ridiculous Georgia heat, we have a feeling a cool breeze will be blowing soon!

Was anybody else hyped up on sinus medications - and unable to sleep-  so you decided to go outside on Wednesday night at midnight to look at the Harvest Moon?
Yeah, I didn't think so.

Shaaaaaaa - ZAM!!!
And that's the Harvest Moon with Momma Peach's new zoom lens.
You can thank Canon, along with Tylenol Cold, Flu and Sinus Relief for this pictur

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  1. Cool moon shot-the actual moon picture not mooning.