Friday, November 19, 2010


We did a Fall Family photo shoot with Katy Swilley a few weeks back and just got to take a peek at the proofs from our session. Since Mamma Peach is usually behind the camera, it was about time that we got all three members of the Yankee & Peach family in a photo TOGETHER.

Momma Peach can't believe how many good shots our sweet photographer was able to get, although we were probably the most un-cooperative family she has ever taken pictures of during a 'family' shoot. 

The photo shoot was very early on a COLD Sunday morning and we really had no business dragging Evie outside without bundling her up in a snowsuit and having a bottle of hot chocolate milk to appease her.  But Evie was a trooper (and actually cheerful for about 5 minutes of the 35 minute session).  

She eventually got a cherry sucker for putting up with the horrible torture we inflicted on her and you'll see that some of the sucker ended up on Dadda's sweater -- but our photographer just laughed and said it's proof that he's a "real Dad" - and not afraid to get a little messy with his kid! 

Here's a few of the pictures... my apologies for their low resolution - I yanked 'em straight from Katy's website and don't have the original copies yet.

Evie: "You want me to do what? Smile?
Lady, you're crazy. It's cold out here!"

Mamma Peach's teeth are chattering at this point, Evie has turned into a completely frozen popsicle, and Dadda is still trying to wake up.
And yes, Momma Peach's hair is red. You're not seeing things.

Semi-fake smiles. Not bad, probably a framer!
There's the Evie we know!
"You people make my head hurt!"
Or more apropos: "What did my mom do to my hair?!"

Got my sucker. Life's good.

She shared some of her sucker with Dadda's shoulder.
Isn't that why God made PhotoShop?

"Hey, lady. Got another sucker? I'm done with this one!"

"Eh.... I think I have something in my diaper."

She got excited when we told her we were almost finished.

All right guys. I'm really done. I can no longer look at any of you.
I'm so cold, I'm starting to feel likeTed Williams head!
(oh, yuck. bad joke.)

If you want to see more photos from our session, or order your own photos of the Yankee & Peach family (who doesn't want pictures of our shivering semi-smiling faces?!), you can go HERE and log in with the password Evie and order as many pictures as you want!


  1. These are fabulous! You are beautiful. You look the same as you did way back when. How is that possible? I'm envious.

  2. Thanks, Whit! You know how to make a girl feel good about herself. =o)
    Hopefully, I look a little more mature, wiser, a lot more sure of myself (Lord, I hope so, compared to way back when!)... and the extra stretch marks are just proof of an additional love in my life, right?!