Monday, November 8, 2010

IT'S DEFINITELY FALL, Y'ALL! (or make that winter already?)

Brrrrrr.... did we skip straight from blistering summer to Jack Frost season ?  It's been downright COLD around here. This is supposed to be the sunny south - what is going on here?!

The cold weather kept us indoors for much of the weekend, but Little Miss Priss was fired up and running hot. (And what WERE we thinking when hoping that Evie would be a steady walker soon?) She was quite the busy girl...

Watch out, folks. Elton John is behind the wheel.
As a former British colony, we drive on the left side, right?
Or right side, right? Left, right?

Poor Violet - hanging on for the ride of her life.
(And poor Trot - you can just see his tail
at bottom left of the picture, trying to
get out of the maniacal driver's way !)

Taking the turn on Lap #4.
Oops, was that the china cabinet?
Oh, well... scratches and dents give it character!

Our skeleton is practicing her jazz hands
and preparing for her Glee tryouts.

I like it when Uncle Battle comes over.
He throws me around a lot.

Up! Up! Up!
Hiiiii- igher!

Wardrobe by Mamma Peach.
Hairstyle by Uncle B.

"Listen, horse. It's time we had a heart-to-heart.
No bucking me off like last time, ya hear?"

"Mom, horse isn't listening to me. Help."

Momma Peach attempts to push the horse's weight limit.

Hahahaha! Take that, you old mule!
Try and throw me off now!

All done. Good ride, cowgirl.

A cold drink to follow that ride.

Hmm... this water stuff is pretty good.

It's so good I want to share it!

Mom, you need to wash your pants.
Here, I'll do it for you!

Haha! It's kind of like an uncontainable bathtime!
The bottle doesn't quite float like my toy boat does.
Might I suggest a Deer Park 2010 to go with
your meal tonight?
It's light on the palate, with a very clean finish!

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