Sunday, November 28, 2010


I hope y'all had a great weekend... we sure did!  

Evie and her parents spent the weekend in the woods.  While Dadda hunted, Momma Peach and Il Bambina went on their own hunting party (on the other side of the woods, away from the range of Dadda's gun!)...

Somebody show me how to drive this thing, I'm ready to roll!

Fresh layer of leaves, ready for crunching!

We met a few friends along the way...

Some who tried to get up close and personal with us.

The Mini Horse.
Mamma Peach's camera was approximately 12 inches off the ground for this camera angle. It's a photo in "Evie Vision"!

We tried out a few saddles...

And decided we liked Western better than English...
there's a horn to hold onto!

Come here, horsey!!

Whooooah. Not that close, horsey.

We found a rabbit.

And got really, really excited about the rabbit.

So we kissed the rabbit to show our loving adoration...

And then got upset when the rabbit refused to return or even acknowledge the love.

Jilted by the rabbit, we went inside to play with toys
and build our own town.

And then demolish the town in a Godzilla-like rage. Awesome.

But all was right with the world when we found our horses again.

PS - Dadda didn't kill anything. He saw LOTS of does, but the big boy that Dadda's been stalking evaded him once again. No venison lasagna at the Yankee & Peach house yet. Stay tuned....


  1. She seems to get bigger and bigger each day. I swear she's grown since I last saw her! Very cute!

  2. Rejection is tough at any age. It seems she handled the emotional trauma pretty well, considering...