Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Nana Rhode Island came to visit and got to watch our little "stepper" evolve into a full-out walking machine this weekend! Evie has given up on crawling - and she's come to the realization that walking is what all the cool kids do.  

It's been a week of dressing up, going out, going out while dressed up ... and eating lots of candy in the process.

Momma Peach found this "gently used" size 2T-3T Pooh bear costume. She was delusional enough to think we could save it for next year's Halloween. Glad we tried this costume on, as it's probably going to be her Christmas/Snow Day outfit this year.

Who's #1?
The Patriots are, of course!
Got her mind right for game day...
at 7:45 in the morning

Scoping out the coupon deals with Dadda

Yes, tiaras really do make you taller.

Uh-uh. No papparazzi at the park, Mom.

What do you mean, we can't
take the slide home with us?

Nana is so funny!

Hey, Little Florida Pants Boy...
What kid is No. 1 at swinging? ME!

Oh, and congrats on beating Georgia.
I think those pants provided the
inspiration that UF needed.

Cowboy (Grandaddy Neal), Captain Hook (Nana RI),
Tinkerbell, and Peter Pan (Mamma Peach)

Lead the way, Tink!

Hmm... those sparklers would make pretty good wands!

No fairie outfit is complete without
pink shoes and a pink wand.

Gabba Gabba, a skeleton,
and an astronaut came to play...

Buzz, the Astronaut. Chewing on his glow necklace.
Because that's what astronauts do!

This is how fairies get around...

Evie stole Captain Hook's hook...
and slowly started to disappear...
Magic, I tell ya!

Rolling with friends...

Uncle Battle was our lead sled dog for
the tired crew at the end of the night.

Georgia Tech represented
at the Yankee and Peach house.

Let's hope GT also represents
on Thursday night when they go visit
those Hokies in Blacksburg!

Happy Halloween, y'all!
Hope you enjoyed yourselves responsibly enough, 

unlike this poor fellow.


  1. These are fabulous! I love all the outfits. It looks like ya'll had an appropriate amount of fun Sunday. We had a VT pumpkin. Gotta represent the Hokies in this household...

  2. Catherine, she's a doll! Those big blue eyes!
    I have a grandson that's just a little younger than she is...starting to walk....such a cute age. Grandma and Grandad get A+ for their costumes and willingness to dress up!