Monday, January 24, 2011


Momma Peach and Dadda got a lucky (and rare) night out without Evie. On Saturday night, we sent the little lady off with her grandparents to see Uncle Winston's team play. 

She must have brought them good luck, since the Dolphins won 87 - 59!

Uncle Winston, the little lucky charm, and Uncle Battle

Basketball is AWESOME!
(and so is staying up way past bedtime!)

Grandaddy, what are those guys DOING?
Nomar: "This kid is crazy."
(Gabba Gabba brought her Jack Russell puppy to play!)
A pre-game book about fish to get our little girl
in the mood to cheer at the Dolphins' game.

(yeah, yeah, a dolphin really isn't a FISH, but you get the point.)

Dadda and Momma all dolled up for a
wedding reception at the
755 CLUB at Turner Field.

(Trot doesn't even recognize us... see lower left corner)

Weekends spent in pajamas are awesome too!

Evie loves to take over the dogs' bed and feed them goldfish snacks.
A typical morning at the Yankee & Peach house!

More snacks, please.


  1. Great dress, babe. But who's the stiff in the suit?

  2. Beautiful pix. Btw, momma & daddy all dolled up = major gorgeousnness! And beautiful smiley baby - LOVE IT!