Sunday, January 2, 2011


The Little Peach and Momma decided to finish out their vacation time by meeting Gabba Gabba and some friends at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History to check out their recent special exhibits.

Fernbank's Winter Wonderland gave us one last dose of Christmas spirit -  the museum had lots of trees decorated in the styles of different countries all over the world.

Ahh... a friendly cruise flashback!


But we quickly realized that the little munchkin needed something more toddler-friendly and hands-on than a bunch of pretty-but-untouchable-trees, so what's more toddler-friendly than giant dinosaurs?!

The dinosaur is the brown bony thing in the background.
I wasn't referring to Gabba Gabba as the dinosaur, for clarification.
I'm kidding, Mom.  =o)

Holy moly,
that "terrible lizard" is a big 'un.

"What? You want me to feed my cheerios to this thing?
Uh-uh, nobody gets my snacks!"

"How bout I just pet this pointy thing and pretend
I'm being nice while keeping my cheerios away from his mouth?

I know how these animals work - I have two dogs, remember?!
You give 'em an inch, they try to take a mile."

Come on, mom. There are more dinosaurs this way.

BIG dinosaurs!
Fernbank also had a special exhibit called WATER, that was all about (you guessed it) the high quality and not-so-high-quality H2O around our lovely planet. 

The entrance to the exhibit had this neat misting machine that made it seem like you were walking under a waterfall, but it wasn't really water at all.  Evie was a champ and made it through just fine, but another little toddler freaked out and screamed her head off about going through the fake waterfall.  

High-five for our kiddo with the big cajones!

Hmmm... what's this?
Mom seems a little more spooked about it than me!

This is my Blue Steel face.
I only bring it out when walking through fake waterfalls
and staring down extinct reptiles.

Oh, and sometimes I look this way
when I'm concentrating on filling my diaper.

Woaaah.... Freaky.

Woah! You're on that side and I'm on this side!
How'd that happen?!

Oh, to see the world through the eyes of a child.
And to be small enough to walk under the exhibit tables
and actually pet the displays.

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  1. Love it! Your mama looks the same (not at all ancient). The ones of the two of you with the fake waterfall-awesome.

    I hope the whole back to reality thing works for ya'll.