Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We're alive and well. No need to call the police! 

In case you haven't watched the news in the last, oh... 6 to 7 days or so, then this will come as a shock: Atlanta got snow. A LOT of snow. And then ice. A LOT of ice.  So, we've been under the weather - quite literally!  

The snow was nice enough to wait till Sunday night to come in, which gave Momma Peach enough time to help put together a baby shower on Sunday afternoon for our good friend Adria, who is expecting a little baby boy in just a few weeks. 

It was the first time Momma Peach has ever thrown a party at the Yankee & Peach house for someone outside of the immediate family -  and we hope/think Adria had fun and got a lot of baby goodies to go home with afterwards!

You get four guesses as to what they are naming the baby.

The shower was the perfect excuse to
not take down Christmas decorations yet.
Add a little bit of blue to all the red -
and voila, a baby shower theme!

The soon-to-be mommy and her mommy.

Some of the ladies...

Practicing her hand at being a mom... with little Amelia.

Evie got lots of love from Auntie Amanda!

And then got to learn about static electricity from all the balloons...

Waving BYE-BYE to our guests.

The snow started later that Sunday evening, about 9:30 PM or so.  In less than an hour, we had at least 4 or 5 inches on the ground. It was so pretty to watch fall and blanket everything in white... but only if you were inside with some hot chocolate on the couch!

SNOW!!!! I gotta go tell somebody!!!

Not me, kid. I've already experienced
the white stuff and it is NOT to my liking.

So, school and work were canceled for Monday.  Dadda was able to work from home, but Momma doesn't have those capabilities (grrr... stupid security policy), so we all stayed home and played inside the house and had a fun day.

By Tuesday (everything canceled again), the cabin fever set in...

I have resorted to smashing my face against the glass to get attention.

 So Momma and Little Peach bundled up and went outside. Evie has seen snow before, but has never really PLAYED in it.  

Yes, that is a Pooh outfit with a hunting vest over it.
Slightly sacrilegious to the Pooh fanatics out there,
but ehhhh..    it kept her warm.

Pooh's visual demonstration as to why metro Atlanta is shut down right now.
Our snow was beautiful and soft and fluffy and fun-
till it developed about an inch of ice on top.
Evie was too light to break through the ice layer, so in order for her to walk, she either had to slide on the top layer of ice - or step wherever I had kicked it up and broken it for her.

And if she fell, the force of her fall was enough to break through the ice, but left her little bootie stuck in a hole.
Yes, we have laughed continuously at this picture. Feel free to laugh too - she was only stuck for maybe 10 seconds.

So she happily rode around in the wagon for the rest of the time.

Till the wagon got stuck and Momma got tired of pulling.
Whenever she shifted her weight, the wheels on her side sunk through the ice and into the snow, while the other side still couldn't break through the ice.

So we resigned ourselves to playing on the porch.

And going inside for muffins and hot chocolate!

Bye-bye snow and ice. You can leave now.

 We'll leave you with a picture that I think sums up the current feelings of much of metro Atlanta right now:


  1. These are fantastic! The snow looks so pretty, doesn't it, until you're stuck for days on end...

    I talked to my mom today, and she was telling me just how bad it was for Atlanta. You know, I don't think I've ever seen it like that. How was it in Greenville?

    Your captions are always entertaining-and I imagine dead on. Hope ya'll are out and about again!

  2. I love the stuck-in-a-rut picture! How adorable!